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How to Help a Child Rise Above Bullies


Every parent wants the best for their child. And as many parents reflect on their own childhoods, it’s easy to notice some very obvious differences in the way kids grow up today. While many of those differences are positive, like greater access...

Should Smokers Have to Pay More for Private Health Insurance?


Whenever you talk about people’s lifestyles, you are sure to enter into a controversial discussion. That controversy increases even more when you tie people’s lifestyles to their wallet. That is the core of one of the smoking dilemmas that has been making...

6 Eye-Healthy Foods to Keep You Seeing Clearly


Macular degeneration is the leading cause of irreversible blindness. The macula is the middle region of the retina—the part of the eye that converts light rays into nerve impulses to be interpreted by the brain. The macula is responsible for detailed, coloured...

Should Everyone See a Psychologist?


Most people seem to think that seeing a psychologist means something is wrong. After all, psychologists are there to support people with depression, anxiety, and other mental disorders, right? While this is true, psychologists can still benefit us when we’re well. There...

5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues


If you notice your mood is as bleak and grey as the earth when winter comes along, you may be afflicted with the winter blues – formally known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD). No pun intended, it’s a sub-type of depression that...

Improve Your Life: 8 Surprising Ways Physio Can Help You


Most people already know that physiotherapy is beneficial in helping relieve back and sciatica pain. But not everyone knows that regular physio can also improve everyday living. Check out our list and see for yourself—physio can make a huge impact on your...

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