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Health Insurance is complicated! There are literally thousands of policies out there with all kinds of different coverage levels and features. We will help you filter out the policies that don’t meet your criteria and then compare the remaining policies from our panel of Australian health insurers side by side.

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Avoid Paying Extra Taxes And Penalties

If you earn over $90,000 per year and don’t have an eligible private health insurance policy the government may charge you additional taxes. In some cases paying for health cover will cost you less than the tax payable for not being covered.

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FAQs About Comparing Health Insurance

How do I choose a private health insurance policy?

The best way to choose a private health insurance policy is to conduct a comprehensive health insurance comparison. By looking at what various health funds are offering, you can get a clear idea of what’s on the market and find a policy that suits your needs.

For a quick and easy comparison, speak to a health insurance adviser over the phone to receive free quotes tailored to your preferences and budget. It may also be helpful to speak with family and friends who’ve been customers of various health funds in the past. You can get started on your free health insurance comparison through using our handy online tool.

It’s easy to use—simply fill in your preferences in just a few minutes so that we can get started on comparing popular health funds in Australia that cater to what you’re looking for.

But before you get started on your health insurance comparison, you should have a clear idea of what kind of policy you’re looking for. Factors to take into account include:

  • Whether you want Hospital cover, Extras cover or Ambulance cover, or a combination of these cover types
  • How much you can afford to and are willing to pay each month for your health insurance
  • What sort of medical treatments and services you want cover for
  • Who you want to cover. Are you interested in a single, family or couples policy?
  • What level of cover you think you’ll require (e.g. do you just want the basics covered, or are you after a comprehensive gold-tiered health insurance policy?)
  • Any health concerns you want a policy to specifically cater to
  • What’s important to you in a health fund (e.g. is it reputation? Customer service? Percentage of claims paid out?)

From here, you can do the relevant research and conduct a thorough health insurance comparison that allows you to ultimately choose the best private health insurance for you.

Who has the best health insurance policy?

Each health fund will have various benefits and policy features that some individuals may prefer over others. It’s difficult to define “the best health insurance policy” when each Australian has different needs and preferences when it comes to protecting themselves and their families from unexpected health care expenses.

Generally, the best health insurance policy for you will be the one that:

  • Is comfortable within your budget
  • Provides the type of cover you want
  • Provides the level of cover you want
  • Is set up with a company you trust
  • Is transparent about its conditions
  • Is customisable to your needs

Once you know what you’re looking for, a health insurance comparison can help you identify how each fund competes in premiums, coverage conditions and other factors that are important to you.

Your health insurance comparison should ideally scout a wide range of insurers, as you don’t want to be limited to just three or four options when there could be several better ones on the market that you simply hadn’t heard about.

Health Insurance Comparison currently compares a range of policies from eight different health funds, including some of Australia’s leading health insurers like Bupa, AHM and HCF. View our full panel here.

What is the best private health fund in Australia?

It may be useful to look into the Australian Medical Association’s annual Health Insurance Report Card. It aims to shed light on how health insurance really works and provide consumers with clear, concise information regarding different health funds.

We’ve also defined our top ten health funds by market share and customer satisfaction, which may be a helpful read in your process of comparing health funds.

Keep in mind, however, that the results of each fund can change drastically year upon year. Before committing to a policy, you should always look at a wide range of factors, conduct a health insurance comparison with the help of our team of industry experts and read the policy documentation from the health fund you are interested in.