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How The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme May Help You


The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is an important part of Australia’s overall health care program, and it is a great help to Australians when it comes to paying for prescription drugs. Take time to understand the PBS and you are well on your...

High-Tech Health: Ways to Save on Prescriptions


If you are technologically inclined, there are some high-tech options to help you organise and manage your prescriptions. Even if you've never used mobile or online apps before, you might want to take advantage of such resources that may make saving...

Are Vitamin Supplements Worth It?


Vitamins can bewilder anyone with an average knowledge of nutrition. But what do you want from vitamin supplements, and are you likely to achieve these aims? Follow along for some tips on this topic that can help boost your health....

Investing Private Health Insurance Savings: Other Insurances


Once you've completed your private health insurance comparison and chosen your policy, you might want to look at how any savings you've made can be spread among other insurances. It's worth considering whether you want to keep building up your insurance...

Investing Health Insurance Savings: A Rainy Day


As we continue through the possible ways you can invest your health insurance savings, we meet an interesting option: putting money away for a "rainy day". If you do this, you're more likely to cope well with an unexpected expense in...

Health Insurance and Out of Pocket Expenses


No one enjoys the out-of-pocket expenses that come with health insurance. Yet, they are unfortunately part of the system, and you must be prepared to meet them. Luckily there are some strategies and options that could be useful - read...

Private Health Insurance Discounts


Insurance policies almost always involve talk of discounts. Whenever you compare private health insurance or other insurances, you should be looking at possible ways to save with discounts. In Australia, there are some particularly interesting options for consumers. ...

Say Goodbye to Health Insurance Claims: Exercise


Part of the fight against health-related expenses starts with you, not your health insurance. Are you exercising on a regular basis? Do you take your physical health seriously? This can have an impact not only on possible health conditions,...

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