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Tag: "health insurance compare"

Jan 2012

How Does Your Health Insurance Compare?

Having a strong private health insurance policy can help to cover the costs of your health needs.  Knowing how it compares to others may not only save you money, but also allow you to understand the policy more completely.  Read on for more on how ...

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Nov 2011

Chiropractic Medicine: A Solution for You?

Certain health conditions may warrant a trip to your normal doctor.  However, some conditions can be also be treated by a chiropractor, though many patients fail to consider this option. What’s Hurting? Try to identify the source of your pai...

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Jul 2011

Private Health Insurance: The Tax Situation

Most people take out private health insurance as a means of financial protection against illness and injury but there are also tax benefits on offer too. The Health Insurance Rebate At the moment, the health insurance rebate stands at a minimum...

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Jun 2011

Ambulance Cover: Don’t Get Caught Seeing Red

When you’re so ill you cannot get to the hospital by yourself, you are forced to rely upon an ambulance. Absolutely the last thing in the world you want to be thinking about when you’re frightened and in pain is the cost of the trip. Yet for many...

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Apr 2011

Limits to the Safety Net: What Medicare Doesn’t Cover

Attempting to make every aspect of healthcare free for millions of Australians would bankrupt the government. Instead of offering all healthcare services for free, Medicare covers certain procedures, visits, and other health items. Before deciding th...

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