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9 Key Benefits of Remedial Massage


Remedial massages promote relaxation and make you feel better, but there are many more benefits to a massage that you might not know about. Some of the benefits of remedial massage are quite surprising. We’ve compiled nine of them for you, to...

5 Whole-Body Benefits of Hatha Yoga


At this point, it seems almost everyone is familiar with the growing exercise trend – yoga.  And if you are not part of Australia’s fastest growing fitness activity, you may be wondering if it’s right for you… or what it really is....

8 Things to Buy From Your Local Health Food Store


If you have a health food store near you, you might be wondering what kinds of products they sell. The answer? Pretty much everything! There are some products that have few differences from the versions you’ll find in the supermarket, though. Ahead,...

Live a Holistically Healthy Life in 3 Simple Steps


While health is often associated with physical appearance, a truly healthy lifestyle encompasses several parts of our everyday routines and interactions.   People who are holistically healthy have fulfilling relationships, quality work lives (that include a sustainable work-life balance schedule), and healthy...

What’s the 12 Step Program and How Can it Help?


If you or someone you love is battling addiction, you’ve likely heard of the 12 step program. This system is one of the key tools in addiction recovery – whether the person is addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or something else...

Need a Wellness Weekend? 7 Refreshing Yoga Retreats in NSW


  Ever dream of spending a weekend away doing nothing but relaxing and practicing yoga? It sounds like a luxury that’s reserved for the rich and famous, but yoga retreats are actually designed for people of all budgets and experience levels. There’s...

Why You Should Practice Kundalini Yoga


Everyone knows that practising yoga comes with a host of benefits, but which form of yoga should you try? There are a range of types to choose from, and many go far beyond increasing your flexibility and physical fitness. Kundalini yoga is...

12 Reasons to Get Away on a Yoga Retreat


Whether you’re into yoga or you’d rather pass on it, a retreat might be just what you need to properly wind down, relax and have fun. Yoga retreats are more than just asanas and downward dogs. Whether you’d rather a solo experience...

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