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Tag: "lifetime health cover"

Feb 2012

Health Insurance Over 30: Lifetime Health Cover

The community rating system of Australian private health insurance more or less equalizes rates for similar insurance products, regardless of medical conditions or claims history. However there are other aspects that can affect premiums. Age in pa...

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Jan 2012

How Age Matters in Medical Insurance Comparison

Various factors can affect your health insurance costs, but age is a prominent one. Here are some of the ways that your age can have an impact on your health insurance premiums and medical expenses. Older means greater health risk Generally speakin...

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Oct 2011

Private Health Insurance Discounts

Insurance policies almost always involve talk of discounts.  Whenever you compare private health insurance or other insurances, you should be looking at possible ways to save with discounts.  In Australia, there are some particularly interesting op...

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Sep 2011

Why You Need Health Insurance

There are many reasons individuals and families choose to purchase private health insurance. These reasons can include saving on taxes, as well as coverage for dental and optical treatments. The importance of health insurance can't be ignored; it is...

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Aug 2011

Health Insurance for Australians Holidaying Abroad

It’s tempting to skimp on insurance when travelling abroad to cut costs, but this can completely backfire on you if you get ill or are injured during your trip. Without adequate travel insurance in place, you could quickly find that the cost of med...

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