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Compare Health Insurance on a Budget


Comparing health insurance can be a bit of an ordeal at times. Surrounded by talk of co-payments, premiums, and tax breaks, it can be difficult to figure out what is best for your situation. Follow along as we look at...

Private Health Insurance Discounts


Insurance policies almost always involve talk of discounts. Whenever you compare private health insurance or other insurances, you should be looking at possible ways to save with discounts. In Australia, there are some particularly interesting options for consumers. ...

Say Goodbye to Claims: Improving Your Health


In this miniseries dedicated to taking a proactive approach to future medical bills, we've already looked at ways to reduce medical costs through healthy eating. Now, let's look at improving “you.” What does that mean? Will it really lower medical...

Health Insurance Basics for Students Abroad


When choosing to study abroad, whether it be for a semester or a year, a major requirement of nearly all host countries is that incoming students bring their own health insurance coverage. Finding health insurance that will not break the bank but still...

Temporary Medical Insurance – A Brief Guide


Temporary medical insurance can be a decent solution, but is surely something that's only meant to be used in a transition-like stage. If you’re looking for a short-term medical insurance solution, perhaps you can get temporary medical insurance before things settle...

8 Ways to Save Money on Health Insurance

Paying for health insurance can be a pinch in the pocket for the undiscerning subscriber. With rising costs in everyday items like petrol and groceries, additional expenses on other essentials such as health insurance premiums can take a toll on our pockets....

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