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Pregnancy & Health Insurance


Starting a family is an exciting, but nerve-wracking time for many people. You can’t plan for everything the future might bring, but there are some things you can control – like purchasing private health insurance. Key Points Obstetrics cover is part of...

Health Insurance For Seniors


It’s no secret that our health starts to decline as we age. We start getting aches, pains, and sometimes severe conditions that need medical attention. For seniors who regularly require healthcare treatment, private health insurance may be the only practical option. Medicare...

Health Insurance Over 50


As we age, our health needs change, too. While little children are often at the doctor’s office for ear infections and strep, young adults are rarely in need of medical care. As we get older though, health problems can develop, and as...

Guest Post: I Was Once a Health Insurance Sceptic


This is a guest post from Kirsty at My Home Truths.  —– I  was once healthy. Apart from being prescribed glasses at age 5, I was pretty much health issue free for the first two decades of my life. I rarely needed...

Private Health Insurance at a Lifetime Milestone


Entering your thirtieth year can mark a major milestone in the progress of a lifetime. In Australia, reaching that mark often includes making key decisions about private health insurance (PHI) for singles, couples and young families. The interwoven threads of financial incentives...

Should Kids Dental Be Included on Medicare? (Part 2)


In Australia, we’re lucky enough to have a fantastic public health care system in the form of Medicare, through which many services are free or subsidised. However, despite the fact that good oral health is seen as being vital for overall wellbeing,...

Guest Post: How to Help a Child in Hospital


Whether you have private hospital cover or not, there may be a time when you need to prepare your child for a hospital admission. This guest post from Rebecca at The Lighter Side of Parenting offers some great practical tips for how...

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