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How to have a conversation with your tech-obsessed teen


Talking to teenagers has never been easy. The generation gap seems so wide that it’s near impossible to bridge, so parents are on the lookout for tips on how to do it. The problem is that things change so quickly, tips that...

First full-body medical scanner reveals first scans


We’ve seen massive strides in the medical community of late, with the announcement that the world’s first medical imaging scanner is up and running, producing 3D, full-body scans for the first time. The device—called EXPLORER—produced its first full-body scans; they are now...

8 night-time tips to help improve your oral health


We all know the story: we go for our regular dental check-up, and the dentist finds a new cavity. After all those daily tooth brushing sessions, how could this be? What did we miss? It turns out, we’re missing a lot when...

Know when: The only new year’s resolution you’ll need


The first week of January is the perfect time to harness the rapid, transformative energy of the New Year – often via the age-old tradition of writing New Year’s resolutions. But here’s the trouble: half of the advice out there is empowering...

Is Cheese as Addictive as Drugs? Casein point!


The dairy industry worldwide is finding new ways to incorporate cheese everywhere – from stuffed crust pizzas to four-cheese burgers and more. And true to form, we consumers just keep coming back for the next zany cheese creation! In Australia, 33% of...

The Nine Best Dairy Free Milk Alternatives


Around 65% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant. This means they lack an enzyme called lactase, which results in an impaired ability to digest lactose, a milk sugar found in cow’s milk. Consuming milk and dairy products leads to digestion problems...

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