Medicare Levy Surcharge Calculator

Medicare Levy Surcharge Calculator

The Medicare Levy surcharge is an additional fee paid on top of the 2% Medicare Levy Surcharge that most Australian taxpayers pay. You can avoid the surcharge if you have Private Health Insurance (Hospital Cover).

The exact surcharge level you'll need to pay depends on your income level and relationship/family status. Use the slider and dropdown menu below to determine what surcharge you're liable for if you don't have private hospital cover.

Your Medicare Levy Surcharge is 0.00% of your income, or $0.00
Singles≤ $90,000$90,001 - 105,000$105,001 - 140,000≥ $140,001
Families≤ $180,000$180,001 - 210,000$210,001 - 280,000≥ $280,001
Medicare Levy Surcharge
StandardTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
All Ages0.0%1.0%1.25%1.5%

Learn more about the Medicare Levy Surcharge (MLS) and how it can affect you and your family.


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