Private Health insurance Government Rebate Calculator

Depending on your age, family status, and income level, you may be entitled to a Government Rebate on your private health insurance policy. Use the sliders and dropdown menu below to calculate your rebate.

Your Rebate is 0
Singles< $90,000$90,001 - 105,000$105,001 - 140,000> $140,001
Families< $180,000$180,001 - 210,000$210,001 - 280,000> $280,001
Base TierTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Under 6524.608%16.405%8.202%0.000%
65 - 6928.710%20.507%12.303%0.000%
70+32.812%24.608%16.405%0.000 %

Quick facts about the PHI rebate:

  • You will only receive the health insurance rebate if you hold a hospital or extras policy (or both) and are eligible. Check up on your eligibility by visiting our guide.
  • The rebate amount you receive depends on three things: your household income, the age of the oldest person on the policy and how much you pay for your premium.
  • You can claim your rebate at tax time, or alternatively, direct from your insurer as a premium reduction.


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