Unlike most of their competitors, do not have a physical presence, and most of their business is conducted online. Members can also speak to staff over the phone though so there is still a good degree of social interaction involved. Their key staff have worked for a range of well known health funds and have 100 years of  experience between them.

  • They are committed to taking the hassle out of health insurance, with an emphasis on doing business online and cutting out paperwork.
  • They won the ServiceRage Happy Customer Award for 2014 for their service.
  • Members can choose the amount that they receive back on extras cover on most
  • Members can use the health care provider(s) of their choice.
  • Emergency ambulance is included in all products.
  • No excess if your kids are admitted to hospital. have hospital-only, Extras only and combined hospital and Extras cover.

Hospital Cover

Basic Hospital includes a low level of hospital-only cover. Joint reconstructions are featured but psychiatric, rehab and and surgical podiatry services are restrictions. There are lots of exclusions attached to this cover, including pregnancy, assisted reproductive services, cardiothoracic services,  dialysis, eye lens procedures and joint replacements.

High Hospital is the most comprehensive option for hospital cover and includes cardiothoraic surgery, rehabilitation, pregnancy and birth services, assisted reproductive services, eye procedures, dialysis, joint replacements, surgical podiatry services and plastic and reconstructive surgery but psychiatric is still restricted.

Extras Cover

Extras50 offers 50 per cent back on extras and includes popular choices such as dental, optical, physio/chiro/osteopathy, natural therapies /remedial massage, non PBS prescriptions, dietetics, emergency ambulance, psychology, and health maintenance. As a basic level of extras cover, the limits attached to this policy are relatively low.

Combination Cover

Basic offers low level hospital cover, with restrictions on rehabilitation, psychiatric and podiatric surgery (public hospital only) and exclusions for pregnancy and birth services, assisted reproductive services, eye surgery, dialysis and joint replacements. It also includes 65 per cent back on popular Extras such as General Dental, Major Dental, Orthondontics, Optical, Physio/Chiro/Osteo, Remedial Massage, Natural Therapies, Travel Vaccines and Health Maintenance.

Basic Middle is a mixture of Basic Hospital with 65 or 75 per cent back on a range of popular Extras.

Simple Essentials 60 includes basic hospital cover and is aimed at young singles and couples.Shoulder and knee reconstructions are included but psychiatric, rehab and palliative care services are restricted to public hospital only. There is 60 per cent back on Extras with this policy. General Dental, Major Dental, orthodontics, optical, physio/chiro/osteopathy and travel vaccines are all included but with relatively low limits.

HeartCare Basic includes a relatively basic level of hospital cover including cardiothoraic and palliative care services and restricted psychiatric services (public hospital only). Exclusions include pregnancy and birth services, assisted reproductive services, eye procedures, dialysis and joint replacements. Members get 65 or 75 per cent back on a range of popular Extras.

HeartCare Middle is similar to HeartCare Basic but it also includes occupational therapy, psychology and speech therapy on Extras cover and slightly more generous limits on Extras services. Members get 65 or 75 per cent back on Extras.

HeartCare High includes a wider range of Extras than HeartCare Middle such as dietetics, podiatry, eye therapy, health appliances, health screening. Members can get 65 or 75 per cent back on Extras. The annual limits for Extras services are slightly more generous than HeartCare Medium.

High is a combined hospital and Extras policy. It includes a relatively high level of hospital cover with cardiothoraic, rehabilitation, pregnancy and birth, assisted reproductive, eye procedures, dialysis, joint replacements, palliative care, plastic and reconstructive surgery services. Psychiatric services are restricted (public hospital only). Popular Extras includes dietetics, psychology, occupational therapy, podiatry, speech therapy, eye therapy and health screening. Members can get 65, 75 or 85 per cent back on Extras.

For medical claims, members will need to complete a Medicare claim form and a Two-Way Claim Form and send both to Medicare.

Extras claims can be made on-the-spot using HICAPs electronic claiming methods. Alternatively, claims can also be made online for some Extras services. Claiming online is simple; members just need to enter their customer details and take a photo of the receipt on a smartphone.

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