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Say Goodbye to Health Insurance Claims: Eat Healthier

aldwin sab September 7th, 2011 0 comments

Could eating healthier reduce your health insurance claims?  Chances are that it could have an impact on your overall health – which is of course linked to your future need to claim.  Read on for more on the importance of this in your health and future health insurance claims.

Image by D'Arcy Norman

Will Eating Better Really Save Money?

Maybe.  Let’s face it though: most of what surrounds saving money on health insurance is one-dimensional.

You’ll find plenty of information on this site to help you through the essential health insurance processes: choosing public or private health insurance, finding the best health insurance rates, getting health cover in key areas, and more.  However, while that is extremely important, it is vital to not lose sight of our own health.  After all, we have control over how we eat and over many other things that influence our healthcare costs.

Take stock of how well you eat.  It will likely have a profound impact on how you feel.  Remember the old saying about “an apple a day” – perhaps nutritious food in general can keep the doctor away.

Healthy Food is Cheaper

If you really want to save money, perhaps eating healthy can eliminate some future health problems.  But far more immediate are the ill effects of eating unhealthy food.

A lot of unhealthy food is purchased when “eating out.”  Fast food restaurants are the major focus of this discussion, but certainly not the only culprit.  Think about the food selections that you have made lately; were they healthy?

Eating healthier can mean saving money, on the most simple level as well as in your general health.  Perhaps you can head to the supermarket and learn how to create healthier dishes.  It sure beats greasy fast food, which can be expensive right now and even more costly to your health later on.  (Just ask your cardiologist!)

Buy Cookbooks, Not Fast Food

Getting immersed in a healthier lifestyle can be quite engaging.  Physically and mentally, it can be a very positive experience for you.

Get a head start on your goals of eating healthily.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook healthy dishes.  Instead of heading to your favorite restaurants (which may or may not be healthy), perhaps you can save money by cooking at home and put your savings towards cookbooks or even a cooking class.  This can be an educational experience in more than one way.

Look at how you can adapt your diet to support whatever health goals you may have.  The benefits are impressive  once you free yourself from unhealthy foods and expensive nights out at restaurants.  You can even have the kids help you cook – or cook with your significant other for a fun date night.

Start Now

It might be quite odd to think that eating healthier can have an effect on your health insurance claims.  Sure, it’s a little offbeat, but there is much to be said for living healthier.

Take the initiative to buy, cook and eat healthier food.  You’ll save quite a bit over a lifetime of healthy eating – on your health care costs, on your cooking ingredients, and maybe even through reduced health insurance premiums as your healthy track record makes you a lower insurance risk.

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