Onemedifund Health Insurance Review

Onemedifund began in 2007 as the health fund brand for National Health Benefits Australia Pty Ltd.

This fund operates on a for-profit basis in all states and territories. It has a comprehensive brochure. This tells you everything you need to know about its policies and contains other useful information. You can find it here.

Member retention is high compared to other providers.

  • As a reward for loyalty, there are higher extras limits for each year of continuous cover up to your fifth year.
  • All health products include ambulance cover. This covers 100% of air, land and sea travel within Australia. That’s for emergencies or medically necessary ambulance journeys. There’s no annual limit.
  • When you call, you’ll be able to speak to a person straight away rather than hear a keypad menu. The fund pays claims within two days. It provides a 24/7 service through its online services. You can track claims through the Onemedifund App.

This fund offers some attractive benefits for members.

  1. Onemedifund offers assistance with your health. There are free programs to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, leave hospital more quickly and recover at home.
  2. Policies will cover you nationwide at over 550 private hospitals and day surgeries and with over 36,000 doctors.
  3. The fund reduces your out-of-pocket specialist expenses with its Access Gap scheme.
  4. The fund offers optical discounts with a range of companies from VSP Australia to Specsavers and Eyebenefit.
  5. Onemedifund operates a comprehensive and interactive website. It even lets you complete a Health Risk Assessment is an online questionnaire. This gives you a very useful breakdown of 12 specific areas of your health.

The fund offers an easy to understand Gold Hospital $250 Excess cover. It provides cover for 38 private clinical categories. These range from dental surgery to pain management.

The fund’s Comprehensive Extras cover can give you benefits to a range of services. You might not be able to access these free of charge from the public health system in Australia.

The fund operates three types of Hospital substitution programs. These let you recover where you feel most comfortable.

For example, ‘Chemo at Home’ treats you where you live with a variety of options. These include chemotherapy and targeted therapies for inflammatory bowel disease.

‘Hospital at Home’ lets you receive services you would normally receive in hospital. These include things like wound care or IV antibiotics. If you can receive the healthcare services you need at home, you may be able to avoid a hospital stay altogether.

Hospital cover provides medical gap benefits, known as Access Gap, through agreements with thousands of doctors. The idea is to reduce out of pocket costs for medical expenses or cut them completely.

You can add partners and children to your policy. Young people receive cover through their parents’ policies until they are 18 at no extra charge. This increases to 25 if they’re in full-time education provided they are not married or in a ‘de facto’ relationship.

  • Address: Locked Bag 25, Wollongong, NSW 2500
  • Phone: 1800 148 626
  • Email:
  • Website:

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