Nurses & Midwives Health (NMW): Fund Review

Nurses & Midwives Health is a not-for-profit fund, established in 2016. It’s there to give nurses and midwives comprehensive private health cover. The fund tailors this to their specific needs-

NMW is unique because it’s the only health fund solely for members of the nursing and midwifery unions as well as their families. This includes partners and grandchildren. You can check here to see if you or your family members qualify.

Any profit generated goes back into the fund for the benefit of the members. That helps to support lower premiums, additional services and increased benefits.

Benefits as a percentage of contributions are far higher than the average across the industry. Because the fund is recently established, there is little meaningful data related to customer satisfaction available.

  • Nurses & Midwives Health has forged lots of agreements with care providers. These include an extensive network of Australian private hospitals and day surgeries. All Hospital and Extras products include Ambulance cover.
  • There’s an innovative New Family program available. It aims to offer practical help to members during pregnancy and the early parenting period.
  • There’s a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ component within the Extras Cover. This provides additional support for the health and wellbeing of members. There is also a specific combined cover available which the fund aims at younger members.

Here are three reasons why NMW members can feel well supported.

  1. NMW’s Member Wellbeing Network offers members access to high-quality care and personalised services. It has negotiated agreements with a range of partners that give members offers and discounts. Members can make great savings on contact lenses and glasses. These are through the fund’s optical preferred provider agreements.
  2. The experienced NMW team is there to help you. You should contact them before you seek treatments to make sure your level of Hospital Cover is sufficient. They’ll also let you know of any waiting periods and if your chosen hospital has an agreement with NMW.
  3. Some doctors participate in Access Gap Cover (AGC). This is a billing scheme. It’s designed to reduce or eliminate out-of-pocket expenses for medical services received in a hospital. NMW can help you to get the maximum benefit from this arrangement.

NMW offers a choice of five Hospital Covers to suit you. Levels range from Gold to Basic Plus. These allow you to base your cover around the medical conditions you want to be included and also where you prefer to receive treatment.

For example, the Top Silver Plus product means you’ll have extensive Hospital Cover although it comes with limited cover for psychiatric services. You’ll still have cover for a wide range of other services. These include pregnancy, heart procedures, and hip or knee joint replacements.

There are two types of Extras cover available. You can take these out on their own or you can combine them with one of the Hospital Cover options.

All the Hospital and Extras products available include ambulance cover. You can buy this type of cover separately as a standalone product.

Cover is available for singles, couples, families and single parents. You can submit claims through the members’ app, by email or regular mail.

  • Address: Level 4, 260 Elizabeth Street, Sydney NSW 2000
  • Phone: 1300 344 000
  • Email:
  • Website:

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