Private Health Funds: CUA Health

CUA Health has been around since 1976. Back then, it was known as Credicare. The name may have changed, but their stated mission is still the same. CUA is committed to providing affordable health insurance to its members.

The health fund is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Credit Union Australia Limited (CUA). There are no shareholders, and profits are invested back into services. This is good for members as it helps to keep premiums affordable.

Cosmetic surgery is not covered unless you need it for medical reasons. Some services are only available on benefit limitations to keep costs down.

Members can choose their preferred healthcare provider and still be covered for claims.

There are no excess or copayments for kids hospital admissions.

Do you want to cover adult children while they finish their studies? CUA lets you keep them on a family policy until they reach 23 (or 25 for full time students). The best part? You do not have to pay bigger premiums to do this.

CUA offers hospital cover, extras cover or both.

Hospital cover

There are several options for hospital cover. Depending on the level of cover, you may not be covered in full. CUA hospital cover ranges from 65% to 100% of private hospital costs. With Private Hospital 100%, you pay nothing for admissions (unless you choose the $250 excess) but you can expect to pay some out-of-pocket costs for cover options below this. Even on Private Hospital 100%, obstetrics and IVF services are only covered for the birth itself. They also have Public Hospital only cover.

Extras cover

Both the Gold and Silver packages include popular extras such as dental, optical and pharmacy. The Gold option offers bigger benefits than Silver and also includes travel expenses.

Hospital and extras cover

Hospital and Extras cover can be combined through CUA. These are not specific packages but members can choose to add Gold or Silver Extras to hospital cover.


Hospital claims are simple; they will be sent to CUA automatically. You only need to act if there are out-of-pocket costs to pay.

For medical claims, your account will be submitted to CUA if your doctor is part of the access gap/agreement scheme. If you receive a medical account, it should be sent to Medicare on a “Two-Way” claim form.

Extras claims can often be paid at your provider if they use the HICAPS electronic system. Just use your CUA policy holder card and claims will be processed there and then. You can also claim online, post claim forms to CUA, use the mobile app or drop claim forms in at a local branch. Don’t forget to include your bills and receipts for these claim methods.


CUA are based in Brisbane (QLD). Don’t worry if you do not live near here, though; there are branches in some other states. The notable exceptions are NT, SA and TAS.

As you might expect, there are a number of branches in QLD. This also extends to NSW and VIC. Other states only have one or two branches. Canberra is home to the only CUA Health branch in ACT, while Perth has the only branch in WA.

GPO Box 100
QLD  4001

Phone: 1300 499 260