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The Hospital Benefit Fund (HBF) was set up in 1941 as the Metropolitan Hospital Benefit Fund. It had a strong WA focus and this is still the case. It is WA’s biggest private health fund and serves over 900,000 members. They are based in WA but cover is available throughout Australia. They are a not-for-profit health fund and also offer car, home and travel insurance.

  • Their not-for-profit status means lower premiums for their members
  • Lower out-of-hospital costs at Member Plus hospitals
  • GapSaver can be added to most policies to use for out-of-pocket expenses or extras.
  • Momentum benefits include free health checks, free fitness sessions, discounts on gym memberships, free flu vaccinations, free hearing screenings and pharmacy discounts
  • Members get more back on hospital fees – 94.4% on average – with less out-of-pocket costs.
  • hbf cover more of their member’s dental bills than other funds nationally, according to the PHIO State of the Health Funds Report 2014
  • hbf have over 900 Member Plus dentists but members can use any dentist
  • Kids are covered on family policies for no extra cost
  • Members who lose their job can be covered for up to nine months to help them get back on their feet and find work.
  • HBF offer support programs including HBF Heart Care, HBF Coach and Chemo at Home for members with Ultimate, Top or Intermediate Hospital or Prime Health packages

HBF offer hospital-only, extras-only and combination packages.

Hospital Cover

Young Saver Hospital is a basic level of hospital cover aimed at the young and healthy. It includes psychiatric and rehab services but excludes assisted reproductive services, heart procedures, cataract and eye lens procedures, joint replacement surgery and pregnancy/birth related service.

Healthy Saver Hospital is a relatively basic level of hospital cover but does include pregnancy/birth related services, in hospital pharmacy and psychiatric and rehab services. Heart procedures, cataract and eye lens procedures and joint replacement surgery is all excluded on this policy.

Mid Hospital is a mid-level hospital policy and includes heart procedures, in hospital pharmacy, and psychiatric and rehab services. Pregnancy/birth related services, assisted reproductive services, cataract and eye lens procedures and joint replacement surgery is all excluded on this policy.

Top Hospital is the broadest level of hospital cover and has no notable exclusions.

Extras Cover

Dental Saver is aimed at those who are just want to have cover for general dental and don’t want to pay for unwanted extras.

Saver Flexi Extras is a relatively basic level of extras cover. It includes general dental and urgent ambulance as standard, plus a choice of two other extras. The choice includes major dental, optical, chiro, osteopathy, pharmacy, physio, podiatry and remedial massage. Members can get 60, 70 or 80 per cent back on dental with this cover level.

Easy 8 – This includes eight popular Essentials extras, plus 80 per cent back.

Standard Essentials – This is a mid-level extras cover with 18 extras. As well as popular extras, it also includes complementary therapies, clinical psychology and dietetics.

Flexi Extras – This is a flexible cover option, which includes healthy living programs and flu vaccinations plus 10 extras of own choice (from 19 available services).

Premium Extras Mid – Members can 20 extras services and 70 per cent back on dental.

Premium Extras – This is HBF’s top level extras cover, with almost 40 extras included.

Combined Packages

Young Singles Saver Twin Pack – This is a basic hospital and extras package aimed at young and healthy singles. It combines low level hospital cover with some popular extras.

Smart Saver Twin Pack – This is another relatively basic hospital and extras package but it does include pregnancy and birth related services, plus 10 Essentials extras.

Prime Health Package – This is a comprehensive hospital and extras package but it does not include pregnancy and birth related services.

Ultimate Package – HBF’s top level hospital and extras package means that members are fully covered for hospital services and can get 90 to 100 per cent back on extras.

Claims can be made online via myHBF and extras claims can usually be made on-the-spot at the point-of-service. Claims can also be made at a local HBF branch or by downloading a claim form from the HBF website and mailing it to HBF’s main address in Perth.

  • Members get a 10 per cent discount if they buy home or car insurance on top of their health insurance. If they buy both, they get a 14.5 per cent discount.
  • Members also get a 10 per cent discount on travel insurance, plus an extra 10 per cent off if this is bought online.
  • Members get a 15 per cent discount on sunglasses from OPSM and Laubman and Pank
  • HBF are partnered with Friendlies pharmacies and members can get a 15 per cent discount here. Other benefits of the partnership include health checks, 12 week Health Plan support, flu vaccinations and after hospital support.

HBF have 19 branches across WA, including Perth, Booragoon, Karringyup, Fremantle, Midland, Joondalup, Rockingham, Mandurah and Albany.

Phone: 133 423

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