Live a Holistically Healthy Life in 3 Simple Steps


While health is often associated with physical appearance, a truly healthy lifestyle encompasses several parts of our everyday routines and interactions.  

People who are holistically healthy have fulfilling relationships, quality work lives (that include a sustainable work-life balance schedule), and healthy and fit bodies.

Holistically healthy people are happier and live longer.  Often times, they let off a positive aura that is hard to go unnoticed by the people around them.

It may seem as though these people hold some sort of magic formula for greatness.  It’s also easy to assume that they were just born that way.

But the truth is that anyone can live a healthier life – a holistically healthier life.

Follow these three simple steps to greater wellness and holistic health if you:

  • Are ready to make positive changes in your life and live happier and healthier
  • Are already involved in holistic health practices, but want to strengthen them
  • Are a holistic health pro looking to give advice to friends and family

Step 1) Take Care of Pressing Issues

When looking to achieve a healthier life, it’s important to understand your current health situation. How can you better understand your current physical state? Perform a health assessment.

What will it uncover?  Do you have diabetes? Are you overweight?  Do you smoke? Drink Excessively? Suffer from depression?

Consider these health blockades and work to overcome them.  If you have a chronic health issue, study and understand the best treatments for you.  

Once you construct a treatment plan, stick with it. This really is key – transforming a treatment plan into action, routine, and then, habit. Be diligent about keeping your health issues under control.

Having an incurable or persistent health condition doesn’t have to stop you from achieving holistic health!  

Step 2) Increase Your Physical Activity

It is common knowledge that increased physical activity leads to weight loss, strength, and increased overall health.  But too often, people think this means they must join a gym.

With the average Australian paying about $72 per month for their gym membership and about 54% of them not really using it, it might be better to find a more realistic and convenient way to squeeze in your physical activity.

After all, if it’s not easy and sustainable for you, getting to the gym is not really going to happen.

So, how do you do it?

There are some simple changes you can make to easily fit in your physical activity.  

When you’re at home, stand up while talking instead of sitting down. You can even use this opportunity to pace around your house or room while chatting on the phone.  

Another way to include more movement into your home-life is to commit to a short walk before breakfast and after dinner.  

Starting your day with a bit of exercise is beneficial because it helps energise you for the rest of your day. Studies also show that those who work out before breakfast burn over 20% more body fat than those who exercise after breakfast!   

Finishing up your day with a walk is another quick win for both your physical and mental health. Walking after dinner can help aid digestion and speed up metabolism. It is also a useful tool to help unwind at the end of the day and can help you sleep better.  

But what about while you’re at work?  

If you’re one of many people who work in a job that is relatively sedentary, it’s unlikely that you’ll be moving around much during work hours without making a conscious effort.

While you do have to make the decision to move, rest assured; it won’t involve big changes to your day. If anything, it may even save you time, as the additional blood flow to your brain can increase alertness and productivity.

To add some movement into your workday, start by swapping out your coffee break with a short, brisk walk.  

You can also opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Bonus points if your workstation is located on a higher level within your office building.

Remember that holistic health doesn’t take nights off, so why not try to incorporate some movement into your social time/activities as well? One easy way to do this is park farther from your intended destination. This easy change will help you get in several extra steps and keep you active without interfering with your life!  

Step 3) Do a Diet Do-Over

While many Australians have a positive view of the Aussie diet, recent research from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) suggests that the population in general could use a diet overhaul.  

The CSIRO Research Director, Manny Noakes, said, “Generally our eating habits are something we don’t think about.  We aren’t planning, we are buying a lot of junk food from supermarkets, and indulging in large serving sizes.”

To live holistically healthy, all of these factors need adjustment.  

Thinking about meals and planning accordingly is very important in ensuring that you are eating the right foods. Get rid of all the sweets, fatty, and overly processed foods in your kitchen. Replace them with additional fruits, vegetables, and nutritious protein sources, like quinoa and hummus. You can eat more of these foods without the risk of over-indulging in empty calories and sugars.  

Another easy diet change to live healthier? Make water your primary beverage.  A good rule of thumb is to drink two glasses of water for every non-water drink you consume (think coffee and tea).

Increasing your water and whole food intake will not only help with your physique and weight, but it will also improve the condition of your skin and increase your energy levels.

While living a healthier lifestyle can seem daunting, or ‘too hard’, a few simple changes can really help in upgrading your overall wellness. Enact these three simple steps and start on the path to holistic health.

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