10 health trends predicted to make an appearance this year


Health trends have come a long way since the grapefruit diet, Jane Fonda active-wear and even the notorious 1975 cookie diet (yes, that really was a thing).

The truth is, health trends are just that – a trend. Some of them work and stay around, and others… well, we’re not really sure what they do.

We’ve handpicked 10 of the best health trends on the forecast for 2019 that actually have scientific research to back them up.

No more silly diets, just positive changes to your health and wellbeing.

We think that’s pretty trendy.

Sleeping is Top Priority

If you only embrace one health trend for 2019, make it a better night’s sleep.

Sleep quality is so important for all aspects of life. It gives us more energy, a better mood, controls the appetite, increases fitness, improves work performance, better concentration, and more.

A healthy sleep routine is the core of health and wellbeing.

This year, aim to create a healthy bedtime routine to optimise sleep quality and duration. Here are some helpful tips to make bedtime dreamy.

  • Turn off blue lights one hour before bed. This includes phone, tablets, TV screens and computers. Exposure to blue light can cause chaos to your natural sleep cycle keeping you awake much longer than your body needs.
  • Enjoy a hot bath with 5-6 drops of lavender essential oil. Warm water relaxes our muscles making us feel sleepy while lavender calms and de-stresses the mind.
  • Eat foods high in the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin for dinner. These include turkey, sweet potato, figs, banana, almonds, milk, and cottage cheese.

Skincare Goes Natural

Our skin is our largest organ, and it has a big job providing a barrier between the outside world and our insides.

It comes as no surprise chemicals are no good for our skin, which is why natural skin care products are massive in 2019.

Toxic-free, organic and eco-friendly skincare brands are booming, but you don’t have to sacrifice the budget for skin health.

Some of the best facemasks, body exfoliators and moisturisers can be found in your very own kitchen.

Start mixing some skin-happy ingredients such as olive oil, ground coffee, raw honey, eggs, lemon juice, and avocado for some DIY home remedies.

Skincare never looked (and tasted) this good.

Moringa is The New Matcha

Want to cut back on your caffeine intake?

Make moringa your morning brew. Moringa is an entirely edible plant native to India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

It’s caffeine free and packed with energising nutrients including magnesium, potassium and vitamin C giving you a boost without the caffeine slump which follows.

Home Fitness is The New Gym

Most fitness junkies have been eagerly waiting to find out the new style of fitness to sign up for in 2019.

And the winner is… home fitness. No sign up necessary.

The need for more time-friendly workouts in our crazy busy lives will see a massive increase in home workouts.  

Fitness apps, DVD’s and websites offer guided fitness classes and challenges with minimal equipment. In fact, many workouts only require a resistance band. They’re versatile, compact, affordable and always challenging.

Oat Milk is Huge

The milk of 2019 is oat milk.  

Turns out, our love for overnight oats and granola just keeps growing, and now oat lattes are a thing.

Oat milk is lactose-free and suitable for vegans. It’s also high in protein and low in fat. Look out for brands enriched with vitamin D and calcium for extra benefits.

Snacks Go Meatless

Choosing animal-free foods is easier than ever with meatless snacks the new go-to in the snack aisle.

They’re called mock-meats, meaning they look and taste just like their meat alternative.

Jerky will go vegan with the help of soy protein, the coconut will be transformed into bacon and mushrooms will make pork rinds.

More Snacks From The Sea

Sushi lovers will be pleased to hear the sea is influencing a lot of snack foods.

It all started with seaweed chips, but now get ready to try puffed snacks made from crispy salmon skin, water lily seeds, and kelp.

More Healthy Fats to Choose From

Keto, paleo and grain-free diets aren’t going anywhere, which is why healthy fats just keep getting bigger.

This year, we’re loving coconut butter, hemp seeds, and ghee. Oh, and butter is back.

Reusable Packaging Keeps Growing

A healthy environment equals a healthy lifestyle, and this year eco-friendly packaging is taking a big step forward.

While most forward-thinking cafes have already banned plastic straws and supermarkets have ditched plastic bags, it’s time to make a difference in your very own home.

Look out for biodegradable, sustainable products to keep your food fresh and healthy.

Probiotics Get Their Own Shelf

Probiotics aren’t new; remember when kefir, sauerkraut, and kombucha started to appear everywhere?

Well, this year we’re expanding all in the name of gut health.

Probiotic supplements will get their own shelf in powder and capsule form.

This means you’ll start to see probiotics added to everything. Think smoothies, soups, oatmeal, nut butters and more.

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