Could you find a cheaper health insurance policy that still covers everything you need in just two minutes?

Is this you when you think about getting a better deal on your health insurance?

“It’ll take too long.”

“I won’t really save much money.”

“I’ll have to deal with new waiting periods.”

The reality is comparing and switching health insurance takes a matter of minutes and you could save big. Last year, our customers saved an average of $312 on their new fund* when they switched with the Health Insurance Comparison team.


Paying too much?

Australia: We saved our average customer $320* on their average annual premium! Select your age and see how much you could save!

*Average savings based off over 110,000 customers between 2018-2021

The benefits of switching

So how do you go about finding a new policy that potentially saves you hundreds of dollars, doesn’t involve long hours of tedious research, and could even come without new waiting periods to use key items on your cover?

It’s not magic. Just start by telling us whether you’re looking for a singles, couples, family and single parent family policy along with your current fund and postcode. 

– You can find a provider that’s better suited to your health insurance needs in minutes.
– You can select the items that are important to you – no more pensioners paying for pregnancy cover.
– If you switch to an equivalent or lower level of cover, you won’t have to serve any new waiting periods.

Oh, and there’s no paperwork or hours spent on hold to your old insurer. Our expert concierge team takes care of this.

We understand that life has a way of getting busy. That means doing things like comparing health insurance can fall by the wayside, or get put in the ‘too-hard basket’ for being time-consuming and complicated.

That’s where Health Insurance Comparison makes your life easy. And potentially saves you hundreds of dollars in the process. See how much you can save in just a few minutes.

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*Average savings based off over 110,000 customers between 2018-2021

*Based on 25,311 customers in 2020

This article is opinion only and should not be taken as medical or financial advice. Check with a financial professional before making any decisions.

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