12 Reasons to Get Away on a Yoga Retreat


Whether you’re into yoga or you’d rather pass on it, a retreat might be just what you need to properly wind down, relax and have fun. Yoga retreats are more than just asanas and downward dogs.

Whether you’d rather a solo experience or something more social, there will be a retreat for you and you’re bound to have the time of your life. Aside from feeling all-round fantastic, yoga retreats have a lot more to offer.

So, what can you expect from a yoga retreat? There are no two retreats alike, but on a daily basis, you can generally expect:

  • Two yoga classes  
  • Three nutritious, balanced meals
  • Nature walks
  • Checking out wildlife
  • Beach views, swimming
  • Reflection & relaxation
  • Laughter, meeting new friends
  • A good dose of time-out each day
  • Massage, healing and spiritual readings

Now that you know what to expect, let’s delve into the 12 reasons you should go on a yoga retreat (you won’t regret it).

  1. De-stress in a faraway place

    Oftentimes, a good getaway is the best and only way to truly de-stress. And if your goal is to wind-down and relax, a yoga retreat leaves no room for failure. By opting for a retreat somewhere far from home, perhaps even overseas, you’ve truly committed to taking time-out for yourself. In a new context, you can enjoy your getaway free from the distractions of everyday life.

  2. Switch off from technology

    Most of us use technology on a daily basis, for work, leisure, and getting around day-to-day. We focus on 10 things at once rather than giving our true and full attention at any one time. Being on retreat means staying in one location – there’s nowhere you need to be and no-one you need to report to.

    What better way to relax? Also, note that some yoga retreats in remote areas may not have access to the internet, or patchy access at best.

  3. Practice a healthier lifestyle

    Many yoga retreats offer meals included. Not only does that mean no cooking and cleaning for you, but the meals are also super healthy and nutritious. You won’t have the opportunity to indulge in junk food (willpower has never been easier). You’ll feel good knowing you’re consuming healthy food to fuel your mind and body.

  4. Meet lifelong friends

    You will meet like-minded people from different corners of the world. There’s also a chance you’ll hang onto these friendships for life. Retreat may just be the beginning of many happy memories with those you meet there for the first time.

  5. Allow your body and mind to seriously chill

    Some yoga retreats will offer an early morning meditation session before yoga and breakfast. This is a great way to chill out if meditation is your thing. Yoga retreats also offer plenty of time to do as you wish. It’s a great opportunity to treat yourself with quality alone time, rather than putting it off for someone or something else.

    If you like, you can opt for a relaxation massage, chakra healing session or spiritual reading. The environment is pressure-free; you’re given the freedom to experience as much or as little as you want.

  6. Connect with nature

    Most yoga retreats will include optional sightseeing, hikes, beach visits and other activities out in nature. There’s no pressure to participate in these activities if you’d rather tuck into a book, listen to music or have some quiet time.

  7. Think clearer

    Yoga and meditation isn’t necessarily about emptying your mind of thoughts. Thoughts will always be there. A yoga retreat will allow these thoughts to slow down so that you can think clearer. You will have the opportunity to achieve in-the-moment focus, and hopefully adopt this skill to take back home with you.

  8. Learn to deal with life better

    Life is no walk in the park. Everyone will have challenges and experience stressful situations. We can learn to view stress differently and better manage it by embracing the teachings on yoga retreat. Being in a quiet, peaceful space, often on your own, will open up a world of possibilities.

    You may learn something that will help you in an aspect of your life, or find an answer you’ve been searching for.

  9. Learn more about the philosophy of yoga

    A yoga retreat is a great place to learn about the science and philosophy of yoga. Chances are you’ll be able to apply the teachings to your everyday life. Or, you may simply discover a new/deeper interest in the practice and history of yoga.

  10. Use this time for yourself in whichever way you wish

    Your experience is what you make of it. Breathe. Enjoy each day. Embrace the many emotions you’ll feel over the course of your retreat. Whether it’s a deep belly laugh, a tear or a smile – live in the moment. It’s all about acceptance and contentment.

  11. Return home refreshed and ready to live

    You’ll feel ready to come back to reality with a refreshed mind and body. You’ll also return home with a clearer mindset, newfound energy and perhaps even a few lifelong friends. Whatever your goal or motive when embarking on a yoga retreat, you’re sure to come home with something truly special.

  12. See new and beautiful places

    A yoga retreat isn’t all about ‘finding yourself’ or ‘detoxing’ – it’s also about truly enjoying life. You’ll likely experience beautiful ocean views, gorgeous wildlife and all sorts of new sights and scenery. Don’t forget your camera!

    There are retreats designed for people who want a more social experience, and others for those seeking solitude. Pick the right retreat, and you’ll only wish you went sooner.

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