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Your health cover limits reset on Jan 1. Was your cover working for you?

The end of the year is the easiest time to know if you’re getting value for your cover.

There’s simply never an easier time to know if you’re really getting value for money on your health cover. The annual benefit limits for extras cover reset on January 1 and Aussies are being urged to check if they’re getting value for the dollars they’re putting in.

Health insurance premiums have skyrocketed by a total of 38% in the last five years, AND are expected to climb a further 4% this coming April. In the face of these increases some insurers fight to return these costs to consumers and some don’t. In 2016, some funds returned over 90% of all premiums they were paid.

So, how did your fund do? If your extras cover doesn’t stack up it could be time for a change, and it’s never been easier with Health Insurance Comparison. We’re a no-frills service that’s helping Aussies get better value for their cover. And we get results – our customers were able to save an average of $375.44 on their insurance last March.

Here’s How You Do It:

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Our service allows you to quickly and easily compare health insurance options to find a policy to suit your needs. You can experiment with funds, as well as levels and types of cover to find a policy you want at a price you’re happy to pay.

We know that with the cost of living on the rise, health insurance is becoming a reluctant investment for many Australians. It’s one that Aussies make to prepare for the worst case scenario. That’s hard to keep in mind when you’re struggling with your energy bills or your mortgage repayments.

Increasingly we are demanding more from our health cover, and wanting to be able to see it’s value in the here and now. Extras cover is different from your hospital cover, it’s less like insurance and more like a product that you purchase.

You put in a certain amount of money and you get a certain amount back. So it only makes sense that you get the best deal for this cover, whether that’s by finding a fund with bigger benefit limits, more flexibility or a more comprehensive range of benefits.

If you’re happy with your current hospital cover you may find that it’s actually cheaper and more convenient for you to take out a separate Extras policy with a different fund. You can feel safe keeping your Hospital Cover with an insurance company you know and trust, while taking advantage of the lower Extras premiums offered by a newer company.

This is both the convenience and complication of Australian health insurance in 2017. There are a wide range of options for people to get the most out of their cover, but for people who are unfamiliar with how these products work they can appear too complex and not worth the effort of switching.

We’re here to make sure your investment is worthwhile, and that the cover you purchase works for you. We work to simplify health insurance, make it less scary and give you the confidence of making an informed choice.

Try us today and see just what you could be saving.

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