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A Few Things You Should Know
About Health Insurance

Co-payments, Excess, Rebates, Medicare Surcharges - Private Health Insurance can be tricky. Whether you're looking at purchasing your first ever policy or on the hunt for a new one, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

It's Pay As You Go

Whether you decide to pay weekly or pre-pay anually, there are no ‘lock-in' style contracts. Any unused premium is refundable.

It's Community Rated

Health Insurers aren't allowed to charge you extra for any pre-existing conditions (though waiting periods may apply)

There are Rebates

Depending on your income, age and number of children the Government may subsidise your policy by as much as 35.72%.

It Gets More Expensive

If you're over 30 and haven't had private health insurance before, the premiums you'll pay increase by 2% a year

30 Days Money Back

Provided you don't make a claim, all policies come with a no questions asked money back ‘cooling off' period

Cover The Gaps

Medicare generally doesn't cover certain essential services like Dental or Non PBS Pharmaceuticals.

There Are Tax Benefits

If you earn above a certain threshold and don't have Private Health Insurance you will be hit with up to an additional 1.5% in your income tax rate.

Shop Around!

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