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Tag: "travel insurance"

Dec 2011

Travelling Outside Your Private Health Insurance Network?

Sometimes your health insurance policy may not cover all visits to health care providers, if they are not a participant in your health fund's coverage network.  Depending on the nature of the visit, this may mean anything from a small fee to a big c...

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Aug 2011

Health Insurance for Australians Holidaying Abroad

It’s tempting to skimp on insurance when travelling abroad to cut costs, but this can completely backfire on you if you get ill or are injured during your trip. Without adequate travel insurance in place, you could quickly find that the cost of med...

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Feb 2011

Health Insurance on the Road: Know Where You Stand

As a publicly-funded system, Medicare provides affordable healthcare for all Australian nationals and residents who are eligible. While it provides comprehensive treatment options at public hospitals and makes it easier to afford prescription medicat...

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Jan 2011

Traveling Overseas: Your Health Insurance Needs

Traveling overseas, sometimes for work, but usually for a holiday, can be an overwhelming prospect for some. Leaving the country, even for a week, means leaving behind all the medical facilities and assistance you take for granted while you're at hom...

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