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Health Insurance Basics for Students Abroad


When choosing to study abroad, whether it be for a semester or a year, a major requirement of nearly all host countries is that incoming students bring their own health insurance coverage. Finding health insurance that will not break the bank but still...

Health Insurance for Australians Holidaying Abroad


It’s tempting to skimp on insurance when travelling abroad to cut costs, but this can completely backfire on you if you get ill or are injured during your trip. Without adequate travel insurance in place, you could quickly find that the cost...

Health Insurance for Student Visitors to Australia


If you’re planning to come to Australia for your studies anytime soon, you might be wondering what the situation is as far as health insurance is concerned. While Medicare benefits are only fully accessible for Australian citizens (and to a lesser extent,...

Health Insurance for Overseas Visitors to Australia


When you’re visiting Australia, you don’t want to worry about what you’ll do if you fall ill or have an accident. Depending on the type of visa that you need to enter the country in the first place, adequate health insurance may...

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