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5 Health Insurance Myths, Demystified


a considerable percentage of Australians have chosen not to be covered due to a set of false beliefs they have gathered from hearsay and misunderstandings. Here are some myths revolving around health insurance, and the relevant facts:...

Know Your Health Insurance Rights


Medicare is available for any Australian citizen or anyone with a permanent visa. Any citizen is also entitled to purchase private health insurance and can voluntarily purchase policies from accredited insurers. ...

Health Insurance and Mental Health Issues


If you’re one of the 1 in 5 Australians who will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives, you’ll want to how your situation is likely to be treated by private health funds....

How The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme May Help You


The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is an important part of Australia’s overall health care program, and it is a great help to Australians when it comes to paying for prescription drugs. Take time to understand the PBS and you are well on your...

Health Insurance and Terminal Illness: What You Need to Know


Nearly 144,000 people die each year in Australia. Many of these people have terminal illnesses that cannot be cured by modern science. Pallative care can help patients with terminal illness by providing support and medication to improve the quality of life during...

Health Insurance for Australians Holidaying Abroad


It’s tempting to skimp on insurance when travelling abroad to cut costs, but this can completely backfire on you if you get ill or are injured during your trip. Without adequate travel insurance in place, you could quickly find that the cost...

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