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Tag: "Insurance Comparison"

Aug 2011

Should You Have Personal Accident Cover?

Life can be cruel sometimes, and as much as we’d like to pretend otherwise, accidents do happen. Personal accident cover can protect you financially if you find yourself unable to work due to the injuries sustained in an accident. Here’s what you...

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Mar 2011

How Much Health Care Do You Need?

Medicare is a free government healthcare system that is offered to most residents of Australia and New Zealand. You can sign up for Medicare if you do not already have a Medicare card. Most of the time, parents automatically enroll children in the Me...

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Jan 2011

Traveling Overseas: Your Health Insurance Needs

Traveling overseas, sometimes for work, but usually for a holiday, can be an overwhelming prospect for some. Leaving the country, even for a week, means leaving behind all the medical facilities and assistance you take for granted while you're at hom...

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Oct 2010

8 Crucial Considerations When Choosing A Policy

The Australian health care system provides a wide range of services, both private and publicly funded. Medicare is available to all Australians and residents in Australia (provided they meet the relevant conditions), although many people also opt to ...

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