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Tag: "Health Insurance Quotes"

Feb 2012

How to Save Money on Your Private Health Insurance

A discerning private health insurance subscriber should compare health insurance policies and premiums on the market and select one that meets his or her needs. However, time invested in comparison shopping is not the only factor that determines your...

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Nov 2011

Health Insurance Premiums Gone Up? Talk to Your Insurer

Has your health insurance company increased your premium? Perhaps some of the following tips can help you understand the changes. Don't Get Mad, Get Answers You're unlikely to be pleased when your insurance premiums increase. However, don’t angri...

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Mar 2011

How Much Health Care Do You Need?

Medicare is a free government healthcare system that is offered to most residents of Australia and New Zealand. You can sign up for Medicare if you do not already have a Medicare card. Most of the time, parents automatically enroll children in the Me...

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Feb 2011

The Lowdown on Australian Health Insurance Quotes

There are many different factors that will influence the Health Insurance quote you receive from potential insurers. Some factors that will affect your Premium (i.e. the price you pay for your policy) are: Your age Generally speaking, the older ...

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Oct 2010

10 Factors That Impact Your Premiums

Health care premiums are monthly payments rendered to insurers for the purchase of health insurance – a form of insurance which covers illness, injury and other medical expenses. Premiums function as the chief source of revenue for health insurance...

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