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How Age Matters in Medical Insurance Comparison


Various factors can affect your health insurance costs, but age is a prominent one. Here are some of the ways that your age can have an impact on your health insurance premiums and medical expenses....

Carry Your Health Insurance Details With You!


Health insurance is certainly a powerful resource – and it can be extremely convenient. However, you might cause yourself some headaches if you don't have your health insurance details with you when you need them....

Compare Health Insurance Limitations: Experimental Treatments


It is vital that you know how some common limitations and your health policy interact. This can be especially relevant when you compare private health insurance while searching for a new policy. Experimental treatments can certainly be a limitation to...

Health Insurance and Terminal Illness: What You Need to Know


Nearly 144,000 people die each year in Australia. Many of these people have terminal illnesses that cannot be cured by modern science. Pallative care can help patients with terminal illness by providing support and medication to improve the quality of life during...

Health Insurance for Australians Holidaying Abroad


It’s tempting to skimp on insurance when travelling abroad to cut costs, but this can completely backfire on you if you get ill or are injured during your trip. Without adequate travel insurance in place, you could quickly find that the cost...

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