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What Are Health Insurance Member Networks And How Do They Work?


Extras policies cover Australians for the medical services they use everyday. If you visit the dentist, optometrist, massage therapist, or another specialist, extras cover can help you with costs. While we often discuss the services covered by extras cover, there’s another aspect...

Going Overseas? Take a Holiday From Your Health Insurance Premiums


Australian private health insurance won’t cover you while you’re overseas—that’s what travel insurance is for. With this in mind, it seems pointless to continue paying a premium for a service you can’t use, especially if you’re taking an extended trip. But if...

Optical Health Insurance: What Does it Cover?


If you need glasses, you’ll know how expensive a new set of frames can be! Especially if you have a high prescription. And even if you don’t wear glasses now, there’s a chance that might change in the future. With 50% of...

2018 Private Health Insurance Rate Rise


The 2018 Health Insurance Rate Rise is just around the corner and it has just been announced that premiums are going to increase by an average 3.95%; this is what you should know. Each year on the 1st of April, health funds...

Guilt-Free Christmas Gift Guide: 2018


Christmas rolls around at the same time every year. Somehow, knowing that it’s coming doesn’t make buying gifts any easier. Save yourself the stress and use our Christmas gift guide to find the perfect present for the people in your life, while...

Will Health Insurance Help With Alcohol Addiction Rehab?


Many people like to drink alcohol but for some, it can lead to addiction. Over time, a tolerance for alcohol can develop. This means that more alcohol needs to be drunk to get the same effects. Alcohol addiction can lead to problems...

After-Hours GP Care: How Health Insurance Can Help


Getting sick can happen at any time, not just during business hours. So what should you do when you or a family member is ill and your doctor’s office is closed? Resist the temptation to turn to Dr. Google, because there are...

Will Private Health Insurance Cover My Cosmetic Surgery?


Thinking of undergoing cosmetic surgery? You may be wondering whether you’ll receive any assistance from your health insurance provider. This depends on your insurance policy (or plan), and the purpose for your surgery. Your answer will largely depend on whether you are...

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