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Jan 2012

How to Compare Private Health Funds

Private health funds provide clients with added benefits compared to public health insurance coverage. Private health funds can cover hospital in-patient services or ancillary services, or a combination of both. Each fund is unique, offering dif...

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Nov 2011

Health Insurance Premiums Gone Up? Talk to Your Insurer

Has your health insurance company increased your premium? Perhaps some of the following tips can help you understand the changes. Don't Get Mad, Get Answers You're unlikely to be pleased when your insurance premiums increase. However, don’t angri...

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Nov 2010

Knowing the Lingo: A Health Insurance Glossary

Purchasing a health insurance policy may seem quite a daunting experience when you consider the phrases bandied about. This alphabetically-arranged glossary aims to explain some of the more commonly used terms. Acute Care Certificate – This applie...

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