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Need Eye Surgery? Compare Health Cover First!


You might come to learn that eye surgery is recommended for an illness or injury you've suffered. However, what about the costs associated with the procedure? Compare health cover to find out what fees your current private health insurance policy,...

How to Compare Private Health Funds


Private health funds provide clients with added benefits compared to public health insurance coverage. Private health funds can cover hospital in-patient services or ancillary services, or a combination of both....

Private Health Insurance Comparison: Common Exclusions


It is important to understand the distinction that private health funds make between exclusions and restrictions. An exclusion is a type of medical treatment or condition that is completely outside your coverage and no benefits will be received at all no matter...

Where to Start With Medical Insurance Comparison


Are you on the search for new medical insurance? This is one of the most important private insurances for many people and families. Follow along for some tips on how to begin with your medical insurance comparison....

Can’t Sleep? When to See a Doctor


From not being able to fall asleep to other sleep disturbance problems, if you're feeling worn out by lack of sleep then it might be time to look into the underlying factors. ...

Choosing the Right Health Insurance: A Comparison How-To Guide

Finding the right private health insurance policy from the right insurance company can be overwhelming for a first time buyer. We are overloaded with numerous advertisements from various independent health insurance companies from print and non-print media, leaving us even more confused...

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