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Private Health Insurance Comparison: Common Exclusions


It is important to understand the distinction that private health funds make between exclusions and restrictions. An exclusion is a type of medical treatment or condition that is completely outside your coverage and no benefits will be received at all no matter...

Where to Start With Medical Insurance Comparison


Are you on the search for new medical insurance? This is one of the most important private insurances for many people and families. Follow along for some tips on how to begin with your medical insurance comparison....

Travelling Outside Your Private Health Insurance Network?


Sometimes you may not be covered by private health insurance when you visit a doctor or other health care provider, simply because they are not a participant in your health insurer's coverage network. Depending on the nature of the visit, this...

High-Tech Health: Ways to Save on Prescriptions


If you are technologically inclined, there are some high-tech options to help you organise and manage your prescriptions. Even if you've never used mobile or online apps before, you might want to take advantage of such resources that may make saving...

Pre-existing Conditions and Your Private Health Insurance


Thanks to the Private Health Insurance Act 2007, a person with pre-existing health conditions cannot legally be denied any type of private health insurance coverage. This has been a great help to many people, but it hasn't solved the problem of expense....

Compare Health Insurance on a Budget


Comparing health insurance can be a bit of an ordeal at times. Surrounded by talk of co-payments, premiums, and tax breaks, it can be difficult to figure out what is best for your situation. Follow along as we look at...

Carry Your Health Insurance Details With You!


Health insurance is certainly a powerful resource – and it can be extremely convenient. However, you might cause yourself some headaches if you don't have your health insurance details with you when you need them....

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