Mildura Private Health Fund Review

Since opening up in 1929, Mildura Health Fund now has around 30,000 members across Australia.* They’re a non-profit member-owned health fund.

They offer no-gap medical benefits to any members treated at the Mildura Health private hospital, which is an unusual and appealing benefit, particularly if you live near the hospital, which is in Victoria.**

Mildura’s two main hospital cover packages are as follows:

  • Basic Plus Benefits: the most basic level of cover available. You don’t get your own private room but you do get to choose which doctor or specialist administers your treatment. If you’re treated in a private hospital, you only get limited benefits, which might leave you with unexpected (or at least unwanted!) out-of-pocket costs.**
  • Five Star Gold Benefits: the premium package, with 100% cover for private or shared accommodation, theatre costs and intensive care operations. There are five different excess options.**

Mildura provides policies for individuals, couples, families and single parents. The maximum age of any child on a policy is 25, making them a great option if you have older children.**

Mildura reaches out particularly to people aged 18-25. If you sit within that age bracket, you get a 10% discount off the Five Star Gold hospital cover. These discounts apply even as you age.**

There are 4 options for extras:

  • Dental: preventative, general dental, general orthodontics and major dental work.
  • Base extras: as you might have guessed, this is basic and no-frills. Small benefits for physiotherapy, podiatry, chiropractic, optical, eye therapy and more.
  • Mid extras: this is the base extras cover plus some cover for natural therapies, clinical psychology, home nursing and more.
  • Five stars: the most comprehensive extras cover. In addition to the middle package, there are a hugely increased amount of benefits covering swimming lessons, weight loss programs and other remedial programs.**

It’s important to note here that, on the lower tiers of the extras plans, some of the benefits can be quite small. Be careful when taking out extras cover.

Benefits as % of contributions:

  • Mildura – 87.3%
  • Industry-standard – 86%

Management expenses (as %cont and $ of average policy):

  • Mildura – 8.1% – $258
  • Industry standard – 8.8% – $310


  • Mildura – 4.6%
  • Industry-standard – 5.2%
  • Making extras claims is super easy. You simply swipe your membership card at any recognised health provider. Upon doing so, you’ll immediately receive your benefit.**
  • For other claims, you can use the app. You can also mail or email Mildura with a claim form.**
  • If you live close to Mildura Health Private Hospital, in Victoria, Mildura could be the perfect provider for you.**
  • If you’re 25 or under and looking for health insurance, you get a 10% discount.

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