Latrobe Health Services Review

Established in 1951, Latrobe now provides cover to over 80,000 members.*

They are part of Members Own Health Funds,* a group of 19 insurers who, based on paid benefits as a percentage of premiums, give more back to members. This group of not-for-profit mutual health funds promote Australian cover for Australian people. – and offers cover across the whole of Australia.** As part of their dedication to helping the people of Australia, they participate in many charity schemes across the country.

Latrobe are open to all, making them a great choice for many people seeking insurance.

Latrobe offers a huge amount of policy options. Their gold cover options include:

  • Gold Top Hospital, which offers no co-payment and no excess
  • Gold Hospital with co-payments
  • Gold Family Hospital Care
  • Gold Hospital Reducing Excess, which offers diminishing excess payments year upon year (even if you make a claim!)
  • Gold Hospital Excess, with five different excess options.

They also offer silver, bronze and basic packages.

If you want a company which offers many different types of policy, cover and excess options, Latrobe is a great choice, with something for every budget and situation. As standard, cover is offered for:

  • Accommodation
  • Theatre fees
  • Prostheses items
  • Intensive and critical care unit fees

Latrobe provides policies for individuals, couples, families and single parents. The maximum age of any child on a policy is 25, making them a great option if you have older children.

There are nine different options for extras coverage, some of which can be taken with or without hospital cover***. Again, for versatility, Latrobe is an excellent option.

Extras offerings include treatments such as:

  • Dental
  • Podiatry
  • Health appliances
  • Prostheses
  • And much more

Benefits as % of contributions:

  • Latrobe – 88.5%
  • Industry-standard – 86%

Management expenses (as %cont and $ of average policy):

  • Latrobe – 9% – $339
  • Industry standard – 8.8% – $310


  • Latrobe – 2.5%
  • Industry-standard – 5.2%


  • Hospital related charges – Latrobe is around the industry average
  • Medical services with no or known gaps – Latrobe is above the industry average
  • Medical services with no gap – Latrobe is below industry average
  • General treatment (extras) covered – Latrobe is below industry average

All claims can be made via post, while some claims – including chiropractic, dental and dietetics – can be made via email.

Latrobe offers a 25% travel insurance discount to its members.

You can find various ways to contact Latrobe here:

  • Call: 1300 362 144
  • Postal address: Latrobe Health Services Limited, 32 McDonald Street, Morwell VIC 3840
  • Email: via the contact form on their site or

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