Health Partners: Private Health Fund Review

Health Partners has been around since 1937. Back then, they were known as the South Australian Public Service Association Hospital Fund. These days, they are the biggest health fund in South Australia. They are a not-for-profit health fund.


  • Health Partners has agreements with hospitals and extras providers. Members can use hospitals anywhere in Australia.
  • They also have a pharmacy network across Adelaide. The benefits of this are offered to all members with Extras cover. This includes set fees for PBS medicines not already subsidised. Members can also get discounts on non-prescription items. This includes pain relief and supplements.
  • They also have Dental and Optical centres in Adelaide. Members can get better value for money by using these. Would you prefer to use your own dentist? You can do this too.
  • Members get more back when using participating dentists, optometrists and physiotherapists for Extras services. Prefer to use your own practitioner? Members can choose to do this too.
  • The Health Partners Health Risk Assessment can help members to get advice on potential risk factors for their health and lifestyle based on their current health and lifestyle. This tool is available to members with Gold or Silver Extras or a Hospital and Extras Package policy.
  • Home Health Partner is intended to help members to spend less time in hospital by giving them the option to receive care at home after an operation (where appropriate). In some cases, admission may not be necessary at all. This is available to members with Bronze, Silver or Gold Hospital cover and hospital and Extras Package cover.
  • The Newborn Support Program offers expectant mothers phone and email access to their own midwife during pregnancy and until their child’s first birthday. This is available to members with Gold or Silver Hospital cover or Platinum Package cover.

Health Partners offer hospital, extras and combined cover.

Hospital cover

Bronze Hospital is the most basic. This covers some in-hospital services such as joint reconstructions, cataract surgery and removal of tonsils, adenoids, wisdom teeth and appendix. Home Health Partner and Health Management Programs for Coronary Artery Disease, bone health and type 2 diabetes are also included. As a basic level of hospital cover, there are exclusions – notably pregnancy and birth related services, IVF services, joint replacements and dialysis.

Silver Hospital is more comprehensive and includes psychiatric, rehabilitation, cardiac, joint replacements, pregnancy and birth services, IVF services and dialysis but a few restrictions still apply. Compared to Bronze Hospital, exclusions are minimal and amount to Home Sleep Studies and Chronic Condition Management.

Gold Hospital offers the broadest cover. There are no exclusions attached to this policy at all.

Extras cover

Bronze Extras covers some popular extras. This includes general and major dental, optical, physio, pharmacy and ambulance. Orthodontics are not covered, along with chiro and osteo, podiatry, psychology, hypnotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and dietary.  

Silver Extras is less restrictive. Some popular extras are still not included though such as psychology, dietary, hypnotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

Gold Extras has no restrictions.

Natural Plus can be added to any Extras cover as an optional add-on and this includes 15 natural therapies.

Package Cover

Single Starter is aimed at singles who want to keep costs down but still have a good level of cover. It includes hospital accommodation, theatre and intensive care fees, in-hospital PBS prescriptions, a contribution towards in-hospital medical fees, 85 per cent of day hospital costs for podiatry, general dental, major dental, endodontics, optical, pharmacy, physio, chiro/osteo, Pilates, massage/naturopathy/acupuncture, emergency ambulance and health management. It does not cover pregnancy and birth services, assisted reproductive services, sterilisation, joint replacements, dialysis, eye surgery or weight loss surgery. Psychiatric and rehabilitation services are restricted on this cover.

Couples Choice is similar to Single Starter but has slightly higher Extras limits and a Pregnancy Loyalty Reward which allows couples with 2 years of continuous Couples Choice cover to transfer to a cover level with pregnancy and birth services without having to serve the usual 12 month waiting period.

Family Essentials has a wider range of Extras than Single Starter and Couples Choice, including unlimited General Dental, orthodontics, dietary, speech therapy, psychology, podiatry, eye therapy and occupational therapy. Pregnancy and birth benefits are only available in a public hospital. There is no excess for kids and members who are starting a family can access the Newborn Support Program.

Prime Living is comprehensive hospital and extras cover that is designed for singles and couples that are not planning to have children. There is no excess or copayment, and up to 100 per cent back on dental, optical and physio. It includes a wide range of extras along with laser eye surgery, full ambulance and emergency department benefits.


Member Claim Forms can be downloaded from the Health Partners website. Claims can also be made by post and via the Health Partners mobile app. Extras claims can be made on the spot at the provider.

  • Members can get discounts on a range of health and leisure products.

Health Partners are based in Adelaide. Their Dental and Optical centres are also in or around Adelaide, as are their participating pharmacies. Don’t worry if you are not based in the area; their members are based throughout Australia.


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