Health Care Insurance Limited (HCI) Fund Review

Since 1938, Health Care Insurance Limited (or HCI) has been providing health insurance for Australians. Founded in Tasmania, they’ve since grown into a nationwide fund,* providing cover for Australians across the whole country.

HCI are open to all, making them a great choice for many people seeking insurance.

They offer access to more than 500 private hospitals and more than 1600 doctors.** A not-for-profit organisation,**** they provide many types of extras cover, including holistic treatments.

HCI offer two levels of hospital cover – gold and bronze.***

They provide policies for individuals, couples, families and single parents. The maximum age of any child on a policy is 25, making them a great option if you have older children.***

Standard coverage includes***:

  • Up to 100% of accommodation costs and hospital fees
  • Up to 100% of the cost of surgically implanted prostheses
  • Private room accommodation
  • Up to 100% of most hospital prescriptions
  • Dental theatre costs
  • And much more

One unique feature of HCI’s cover is the inclusion of dental theatre costs. Many policies don’t cover this as standard – so if you’ll need regular dental theatre treatment, HCI might be a good choice for you. HCI has a partnership with, which gives a variety of discounts to HCI policy holders. It also offers access to top-quality dental experts.***

HCI also specialise in natural therapies, including chiropractic services, massage, myotherapy and osteopathy.****

HCI offers three different types of extras cover – premier extras, healthy extras and active life extras. These cover unique types of treatment including quit smoking programs, speech therapy, dietetics and weight loss programs.

The premier extras plan comes with cover of every single healthcare category which HCI offers, though it’s important to note that this plan is only available in the Gold Hospital with Premier Extras plan.***

  • Hospital Related Charges Covered HCI is above industry average
  • Medical services with no or known gaps HCI is above industry average
  • Medical services with no gap HCI is around industry average
  • General treatment (extras) covered HCI is around industry average

HCI compared to Industry

With HCI, making a claim is fairly easy. They even offer an app to make things super simple.

You can also of course claim by email and mail.

In most cases, extras claims are processed on the same day they are received.

All policy holders have access to the Best Doctors service provided by HCI. Under this scheme, members can get a second opinion from Best Doctors to verify their diagnosis. Under any policy, this complimentary service allows you to confirm – or perhaps reassess – any condition that you may have been diagnosed with.*****

You can find various ways to contact Health Insurance Limited here:

  • Call: 03 64 321 199 or 1800 804 950
  • Postal address: PO Box 931, Burnie TAS 7320
  • Email: via the contact form on their site or

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