Emergency Services Health Fund Review

Emergency Services Health is a non-profit, restricted health insurance provider with the backing of Police Health. The fund focuses on providing cover for those who work in law enforcement.

With over 80 years of backing, Emergency Services Health is focusing on bringing support and comprehensive health insurance to police officers and family members across Australia.

  • Emergency Services Health offers health insurance to police officers in Australia.
  • The health fund provides only Gold-level hospital coverage to its members.
  • Members of Emergency Services Health also have access to travel insurance through TravelCard.

Emergency Services Health is a restricted health fund, so there aren’t a ton of exclusive benefits for choosing them.

The health fund does offer a few benefits, including relief to members who have been affected by the bushfires. They also offer real-time travel insurance through TravelCard.

Emergency Services Health offers limited, but comprehensive hospital and extras cover. Here’s a brief breakdown of what to expect from this health fund.

Hospital Cover

Emergency Services Health only offers Gold-level coverage to its members. This is comprehensive coverage that offers benefits for all services recognized by Medicare. This includes pregnancy and birth-related services.

You can choose to bundle your hospital and extras cover together, as well.

Rolling Extras

Emergency Services Health has a single extras policy called ‘Rolling Extras.’ The fund pays up to 80% for most extras benefits. The policy covers you for a wide range of extras like dental, speech therapy, counselling, and a lot more.

Gold Combined

Gold Combined is the coverage bundle from Emergency Services Health. They combine their Gold hospital coverage with their Rolling Extras policy. If you decide to get extras and hospital coverage from Emergency Services Health, then this is the option you would want.

The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman monitors health funds and compiles complaints made against them. Here is the most recent information on Emergency Services Health and how they fare when compared to the rest of the private health insurance industry.

Hospital Related Charges Covered
Emergency Services Health: 94.23%
Industry average: 90.68%

Medicare Services with No Gaps
Emergency Services Health: 83.13%
Industry average: 86.4%

Medicare Services No or Known Gap
Emergency Services Health: 96.18%
Industry average: 94.77%

General Treatment Covered
Emergency Services Health: 65.61%
Industry average: 53.52%

Emergency Services Health offers on-the-spot claiming through network providers that participate in HICAPS and iSOFT. You can also make a claim through the Emergency Services Health Mobile Claiming App.

The other ways to claim include:

  • Email: myclaim@eshealth.com.au
  • Mail: Emergency Services Health, Reply Paid 84966, Halifax St, SA 5000
  • Fax: 1300 151 152

We do not, currently, compare Emergency Services Health nor any other restricted health fund. Take a look at all of our comparable funds here. All eligible health funds will be marked with a green checkmark.

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