Central West: Health Insurance Fund Review

Central West Health class themselves as a regional health fund. HealthGuard Health Benefits Fund Limited is a private health insurer and carries out business as Central West Health. They specialise in health insurance for regional Australians and have members throughout Australia – particularly in regional areas.

  • Central West Health are committed to providing value for money for members through affordable premiums and good benefits.

  • Their services are predominantly delivered online or by phone

Hospital: Comprehensive Hospital is the only hospital-only policy on offer. This is aimed at singles, couples and families. It covers 100 per cent of private or shared room costs in a contracted private hospital and in most public hospitals. It also offers benefits for services in non-contracted private hospitals.

Extras: Standard Extras is the only extras-only policy on offer. It includes 20+ ancillary services such as dental, optical and physio, plus a contribution towards accommodation costs if you must travel for treatment.

Combined Cover:Comprehensive Hospital and Standard Extras cover can be combined. Comprehensive Hospital can also be teamed with Top Extras, which offers higher benefits compared to standard Extras but is only available via hospital and extras cover.


Most hospital claims will be sent directly to Central West Health. If members do receive an account, they are advised to send a claim form and attach the original account.

For extras, a claim form should be completed and sent to Central West Health. Payments can made directly to member bank accounts if the EasyClaim section of the claim form is filled in.

Central West Health are based in Kalgoorlie, WA. There is an Agent location in Lithgow. Members are based across Australia, particularly in regional areas.

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