Hunter Health Insurance (CDH) Review

Cessnock District Health (CDH) was set up in 1952. It was originally created to provide affordable cover for members in the coal mining industry and still serves this demographic well today. They are a regional health fund that focuses on offering affordable health insurance but they have members across Australia, not just in NSW.

CDH Health Fund Benefits

  • CDH (now known as Hunter Health Insurance) has been providing quality health cover for over 65 years
  • When compared with other health funds, CDH has been found to deliver on price, coverage and customer service
  • They strive not to be the biggest, but the best
  • CDH works with a wide range of hospitals across Australia
  • CDH have agreements with private hospitals across Australia, plus No Gap and Known Gap policies. This means that if there is a gap to pay, you will always know exactly how much this will amount to.
  • They are committed to providing quality health care at the lowest contribution rates.

Unlike most health funds, CDH only have a small number of health insurance products.

Hospital Cover

Basic Hospital is aimed at singles and couples and includes shared room accommodation and treatment in a public hospital. Theatre fees and accommodation in a private hospital are not covered and neither are private rooms in public hospitals.

Top Hospital includes 100 per cent hospital cover in a public or contracted private hospital. It covers obstetrics, coronary care, hip and knee joint replacements, intensive care, physio, psychiatric and pharmacy services. Members can also choose Top Hospital options with a $250 or $500 excess attached.  

Extras Cover

CDH currently only have one Extras product available. Their Supplementary Extras product includes dental, chiro/osteopathy, podiatry, acupuncture, natural therapies, hypnotherapy, psychology, dietetics, home nursing, midwifery services, pharmaceutical prescriptions, speech therapy and occupational therapy.

Combination Cover  

Smart Cover is aimed at singles who are not planning to have children any time soon and excludes hip replacements, cataract surgery, open heart surgery and other services that are not expected to be needed by young and healthy singles. It covers private room accommodation, theatre fees, intensive care, physio and pharmacy services.

The Basic and Top Hospital options can be combined with Supplementary Extras.

Members can download claim forms via the CDH website and send these to CDH’s main address, along with the original receipts. Unlike many other health funds, they do not have a wide range of ways to make claims but this is in line with their range of health insurance products.


They are based in Cessnock, NSW but have members throughout Australia. Many of the contracted hospitals with which CDH have agreements are located in NSW but there are lots of other options in other states. There is therefore no obligation for members to be in NSW themselves.

CDH Benefits Fund
151-153 Vincent Street
NSW  2325

Phone: 02 4990 1385

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