ACA Health Benefits Fund Review

ACA Health Benefits Fund is a restricted health fund that offers comprehensive and affordable policies to employees and families of Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

The non-profit health fund began in 1934 with a focus on offering the best health coverage for the best price. They have grown to support Australian companies in recent years, such as Sydney Adventist Hospital, Sanitarium, and Adventist Education.

  • Restricted and non-profit health fund for employees and families of Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
  • Choose from four different hospital cover options and two extras policies – or combine them for ultimate coverage.
  • ACA makes claiming easy through online, post, mobile, and email claim options.

There aren’t a large number of standout member benefits from ACA. This is a restricted health fund, so they focus on providing low-cost policies to their eligible members.

There are some periodic rewards for new and existing members, however. Members of the health fund can benefit from occasional discounts at partnered extras providers, for instance.

ACA Health Benefits Fund offers hospital, extras, and combination policies to its eligible members. Below, we’ve included a brief look at the different policy options from ACA.

Hospital Cover

ACA Health Benefits Fund offers four levels of coverage based on the needs of you and your family. The options are:

  • Basic Hospital: Gain access to private treatment in public hospitals.
  • Bronze Essentials Hospital: Receive basic benefits with a cost-effective policy. There is a $750 excess payment per adult, per calendar year.
  • Gold Private Hospital: Gold-tier hospital coverage with an out-of-pocket co-payment if you visit a hospital.
  • Gold Deluxe Hospital: Receive the highest level of hospital coverage available.

Extras Cover

ACA members have their choice of two extras policies. Your options are:

  • Ancillary Lite: Get coverage for essential extras like dental, optical, physiotherapy, and remedial massage. You will receive the benefits that you want without paying extra for benefits you won’t use.
  • Complete Ancillary: Receive comprehensive coverage for a wide range of extras benefits.

Combined Cover

You can combine any Hospital and Extras policy through the ACA Health Benefits Fund. There are no standalone combination packages, but you can choose to bundle your policies when you shop.

The Private Health Insurance Ombudsman gathers information on customer complaints and health fund performance. Here’s a breakdown of how ACA stacks up against the rest of the industry.

Hospital Related Charges Covered
ACA: 93.46%
Industry average: 90.68%

Medical Services with No Gaps
ACA: 92.86%
Industry average: 86.4%

Medical Services No or Known Gap
ACA: 98.37%
Industry average: 94.77%

General Treatment Covered
ACA: 61.23%
Industry average: 53.52%

ACA Health Summary Report Card

ACA PHIO Complaints

Health Insurance Comparison does not compare ACA Health Benefits Fund with other insurers, as this is a restricted health fund. You can take a look at all of our comparable funds here. All funds marked with a green check are available for comparison on our site.

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