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Private Health Insurance: Save Money on Prescriptions

aldwin sab October 14th, 2011 0 comments

Prescription medications can be a frustrating factor in healthcare expenses.  Whether you are on an array of medications regularly, or need to purchase one to help with a new health condition, prescriptions can be an unwelcome expense.  Read on to learn of some ways to save on your prescription fees.

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Get to Know Your Insurance Policy

Your insurance policy is the best place to start to tackle prescription costs.  Whether you have strong coverage in this area, or none at all, you’ll learn how to proceed.

Read the policy details to find out more.  You should notice any deductibles and limitations, such as for the calendar year, on your prescriptions.  Also be aware of any policy points regarding generics – you can often save on generic medications, so it’s important to ask for them whenever possible.

You should be aware of how strong your coverage is for current medications.  Keep an eye on these prices to compare private health insurance with other options.

Discount Plans

Prescription discount plans can be effective options.

Many of these are offered by insurance companies, pharmacies, and even independent companies.  Often you’ll pay a certain dollar amount each month or year to see the benefits, which often include discounts on other costs, as well as prescriptions – the reach can extend quite a bit in some circumstances.

Take a look at what is available.  At many major pharmacies, you’ll see these kinds of options that can be something to consider.

Talk to Your Doctor

Your doctor can have a hand in reducing overall prescription costs.

Instead of short-term prescriptions, whenever applicable you can ask your doctor to write out a prescription for a longer period of time.  Thus, instead of refilling your prescription after 30 days, perhaps you could receive a 90-day supply of the medication.  You could save on the co-payment as well as the prescription costs.

Go Online

Online pharmacies can give some good prices.  It might be time to consult with them before heading to your major local pharmacy.

Take a look at pharmacies online for the drugs that you take.  If you notice better prices, and especially with larger supplies (combining the previous strategy with this one), you might be able to realise some impressive savings.  Ordering online will also save you time, giving you extra convenience too.

However, be careful.  Ensure that everything is legitimate; avoid online pharmacies that are not certified.


There are a number of options with which to meet prescription medication costs.  While you might not receive the full prescription coverage unless you have a strong private health insurance plan, these strategies can lessen the overall costs of your medications.

Take a good look at some of the options outlined above.  Perhaps you can talk to your doctor, join a discount club, or head online to order medications.  Even getting more of your regular medications can save money without much trouble.  Whatever the case may be, you should be able to make your medications more affordable one way or another, leaving more money for a good quality of life – which, as any doctor knows, is what’s best for you!

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