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Private Health Insurance Networks: Buying Process

aldwin sab October 28th, 2011 0 comments

When you compare health insurance policies, what do you look for?  How high is the health insurance network on that list?  Follow along as we discuss this concept as it relates to health insurance comparison and options.

Image by Indi Samarajiva

How Important Is Your Health Insurance Network?

It makes sense to pinpoint how important the network will be to you, before you set out to compare private health insurance. How much extra might you be prepared to pay in order to keep your current doctor(s)? You may well have other priorities that come before the network.     Better coverage across the board can be more important than the network itself for some health insurance customers.

For some people, the network is no big deal at all; changing doctors isn’t the end of the world.  If that’s the case for you, then you could compare private health insurance policies without much attention to networks.

For other customers, the health insurance network has to be right; they can’t or don’t want to change to another.  If this sounds like you, the way to start comparing health insurance premiums remains the same.  However, you’ll probably want to pay more attention to each network and find out which networks have your doctors listed.  After a bit of investigating, you’ll begin to find out which policies allow you to keep your current healthcare practitioners. You might also consider calling your doctors’ offices and asking which health plans include them.

Next Steps in Health Insurance Comparison

In the process of comparing health insurance plans, make a list of whatever needs you have, from X amount in a certain type of coverage to additional dental or chiropractic needs.  If you are considering making a switch to a new insurer, maybe that can help you reach a decision.

Once you know how important the network is to you, and which networks are best for your needs, you can compare health insurance with confidence.  Make yourself aware of any discounted premiums, coverage exemptions, deductibles, and other relevant details of the policies you’re considering. It will get easier; start looking at your needs, just like we did here with the value of the network in the process.

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