Private Health Funds: GMHBA

GMHBA have been around for over 80 years. They were previously known as Geelong Medical and Hospitals Benefits Association. In 2000, they became known as GMHBA Limited. Their mission is based on supporting community health. As well as health insurance, they also offer home, car and travel insurance.

  • GMHBA have been voted “Best Health Insurer” for customer service and commitment to excellence
  • They offer a 60 day money back guarantee, provided that no claims have been made in this period
  • They offer Preventative Health programs for Bowel Cancer Risk Identification, Chronic Disease Management and the Strong Knees program
  • Other programs include the Hospital Substitute Program and the New Family Program

GMHBA offers hospital and extras cover and combined packages.

Hospital cover

Bronze Hospital is the most basic option and only covers members as a private patient in a public hospital. It includes pregnancy and birth related services, gynaecological procedures, psychiatric treatment, cardiac procedures and cataract services.

Silver Hospital is the most basic option for treatment in a private hospital and covers members for shared room accommodation or partial cover in a single room. It has a number of exclusions including pregnancy and birth related services, IVF procedures, joint replacements, cataract surgery and gastric banding.

Gold Hospital is by far the broadest option and has no notable exclusions. Members can choose to increase medical gap cover with Gap Saver and get a single room guarantee. Pregnancy cover can also be removed if it is not needed. .

Extras cover

Bronze Extras includes some popular extras including preventative and general dental, optical, occupational therapy, pharmacy and travel vaccinations and physio. There is the option for members to receive set benefits or to choose to get 55 per cent back.

Silver Extras offers a broader range of extras , plus the option of 65 per cent back or set benefits. It includes the same range of Extras as the Bronze option, plus additional services such as Major Dental, Orthodontics, Chiro and Osteo, Ambulance, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Psychology, Speech Therapy, Eye Therapy, Podiatry and Remedial Massage.

Gold Extras is the most comprehensive option and also includes Exercise Physiology and Antenatal and Postnatal Classes, plus the option of 75 per cent back.

Hospital and extras cover

There are a variety of sports and fitness packages available, ranging from the basic Fit Entry to the comprehensive Fit Ultra packages. These are combined hospital and extras packages, with an added bias towards the healthy and active. The FIT packages include membership to Fit Rewards, Australia’s first health insurance rewards program of its kind. This offers the opportunity to earn rewards for being active and to swap them for sports equipment, for example. The longer you maintain your membership, the bigger the rewards such as more generous annual limits.

Most extras providers will allow on-the-spot claims by swiping a membership card. The provider is paid directly, meaning that just the difference needs to be met. If this is not possible, claims can also be made via the online members centre, by visiting a branch or completing a claim form and posting it to GMHBA. Medical claims can be lodged at a Medicare office or by post.

Members with hospital and extras cover can take advantage of Connect Rewards Plus. Connect Rewards dollars are earned depending on your cover and membership length and accumulate year on year. Members who have been with GMBHA for several years and hold a high level of hospital cover will gain the most from this.

GMHBA are based in VIC but don’t worry if you live in another part of Australia. Members come from all across the country. There are several branches in VIC.


PO Box 761
VIC  3220

Phone: 1300 446 422