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Men’s Health: What Check-Ups are Covered by Private Health Funds?

Jonathan August 18th, 2017 0 comments

Private health funds aren’t created equal. For this reason it’s a smarter move to do a thorough health insurance comparison prior to settling for a provider. You get to find a policy that will provide all of the necessary health services. One important consideration is whether your policy includes specific check-ups that are necessary to take at every stage of a man’s life.

  • Skin checks should be done regularly regardless of one’s age. The Cancer Council NSW recommends checking for presence of skin spots, moles and freckles that have changed colour. Be vigilant about these same things that look different from your other skin spots as well. Any dome-shaped lumps or spots that have recently just appeared must be checked by the doctor too. Of course, the same should be done for sores and wounds that take an unusually longer time to heal.

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Tests that are required when you’re confined in a hospital are normally the ones that are covered by private health insurance policies. However, there are funds that cover skin cancer screening tests, specifically melanoma surveillance imaging, even if you’re an outpatient. Make sure to check which insurers cover this service during the medical insurance comparison phase. If you have preferred doctors or clinics, make sure they have agreements with the insurers you’re eyeing too, as this can help minimise out of pocket costs for said procedure.

  • Dental check-ups are essential to have periodically as well.  Doing so ensures your dental health is kept at the best possible state while still young. Preventative dental services such are regular cleanings have to be taken too. Bear in mind that poor oral health has been linked to heart disease and certain cancers. So maximise your extras cover as dental check-ups and specific preventative dental services are covered by this insurance.
  • Tests for testicular cancer are crucial to take from puberty as well. Any changes in the size and appearance of the testicles, as well as presence of bumps in the area, may signal the onset of the disease. Symptoms may include pain in the abdomen and even unusual soreness in the pectorals too.

These tests may be covered by your health insurance if you’re admitted as a private patient in a private hospital. But there may be health funds which may cover these even if you’re an outpatient. Compare health funds when in the insurance shopping phase. This will help you find insurers that have agreements with numerous private cancer testing centres.

  • Regular tests to check your body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, and blood glucose levels have to be taken when you hit your 20’s. The GP’s fees will normally be covered by Medicare. But if you have a private health fund, you have more freedom to choose the doctor to perform these tests for you. When you compare health insurance, consider insurers that offer gap schemes as this will help reduce out of pocket expense.
  • Tests for bowel and prostate cancers, diabetes, heart and eye diseases, have to be taken periodically once you reach your 40’s. Again, these tests may be covered by your insurer if you get confined in a private hospital. However, there are those that may provide these services even while you’re an outpatient.

To ensure you’ll be covered for these check-ups, read the product disclosure statements of the policies you’re eyeing. Make sure to thoroughly scrutinise the restrictions and exclusions so that you know which tests will be covered entirely and which won’t. And if you prefer particular healthcare facilities, ensure that they have agreements with the insurers you’re considering too.

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