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Medibank Private

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Health Fund Information

Medibank Private were set up in 1976. They became Australia’s largest private health insurer just a few years later in 1981 and have retained this position ever since. As well as health insurance, they also offer life, travel and pet insurance products.

Key Benefits

  • The Members Choice network is one of the largest health provider networks in Australia and covers the majority of private hospitals and over 8,000 extras providers. Members can get up to 100 per cent back by using one of these (subject to annual limits).

  • Medibank Private pride themselves on being 100 per cent Australian.

  • They have the largest optical network in Australia and are partnered with OPSM, Specsavers and VSP Neighbourhood Eye Care.

  • The Medibank Nurse 24/7 service offers advice on health topics.

  • The Health Hub feature provides information on health, wellbeing and lifestyle, and is overseen and put together by medical professionals.

  • There are no annual limits on general dental for most types of extras cover, plus 100 per cent off some common dental treatments.


Types of Cover

Medibank Private offer hospital-only, extras-only and combination cover.

Hospital Cover

Young Hospital is aimed solely at young singles and couples and is one the more basic of Medibank Private’s hospital-only options. It restricts palliative care and rehab and psychiatric services, and excludes heart-related services, obstetrics and fertility services, joint replacements, dialysis and eye surgery.

Basic Hospital is similar to Young Hospital but includes palliative care and colonoscopies. Aside from this, it has the same restrictions and exclusions.

Standard Hospital still restricts psychiatric services but does include rehab and heart-related services and plastic & reconstructive surgery. Obstetrics and fertility services are excluded.

Top Hospital is the broadest option and includes obstetrics, fertility services, major eye surgery, joint replacements and dialysis.


Extras Cover

Basic Extras offers 55 or 70 cent back on popular extras and includes general dental, optical, physio, chiro, osteopathy and natural therapies.

Top Extras offers 55, 70 or 85 per cent back and also includes major dental, orthodontics, non-PBS prescriptions, podiatry, dietetics, occupational therapy, hearing aids and blood glucose and blood pressure monitors.


Combination Cover

Hospital-only and extras-only cover can be combined together. Medibank Private also offer a number of combination packages aimed at certain demographics.




  • The Everyday Starter package offers basic hospital cover, plus 60 per cent back on popular extras.

  • The Everyday Essentials package is similar but includes a broader range of extras.

  • The Everyday Comprehensive package offers a slightly more comprehensive level of hospital cover, plus 70 per cent back on a wide range of extras.

  • The Ultra Health package is the broadest combination of hospital and extras package and offers 100 per cent back on extras.


  • The New Families Essentials package is aimed at young families and includes heart-related, obstetrics and fertility services, along with Mi Health Support services and 55 per cent back on some popular extras.

  • The New Families Comprehensive package is slightly broader for hospital cover and includes 100 per cent back on a wider range of extras.

  • The Security Essentials package is aimed at older couples and includes heart-related services and joint replacement services, plus 70 per cent back on popular extras.

  • The Security Comprehensive package is similar to Security Essentials and also offers 70 per cent back on extras.

  • The Ultra Health package is the broadest combination of hospital and extras package and offers 100 per cent back on extras.


  • The Settled Families Essentials package is aimed at growing families. It excludes obstetrics and fertility services and offers 55 per cent back on extras.

  • The Settled Families Comprehensive package is slightly broader and offers 70 per cent back on extras.

  • The Ultra Health package is the broadest combination of hospital and extras package and offers 100 per cent back on extras.

Member Benefits

  • Members get 15 per cent off laser eye surgery with certain types of cover

Making Claims

Claims can be made via Online Member Services in many cases, although not every claim can be made this way. Ambulance and hospital accommodation claims need to be made by downloading the relevant form from the Medibank website and sending it directly to them. Most extras claims can be made via the mobile app, as well as online.


As the country’s biggest private health insurer, Medibank Private has lots of stores throughout Australia. Some of these locations include:

  • WA – Albany, Booragoon, Joondalup, Mandurah, Midland, Perth, Rockingham

  • NT – Alice Springs and Casuarina

  • SA – Adelaide, Mt Gambier, Modbury, West Lakes

  • QLD – Brisbane, Cairns, Ipswich, Mackay, Gladstone, North Lakes, Broadbeach, Rockhampton, Townsville

  • NSW – Albury, Bankstown, Blacktown, Bondi Junction, Campbelltown, Charlestown, Coffs Harbour, Sydney, Liverpool, Penrith, Parramatta, Wagga Wagga

  • ACT – Canberra City, Belconnen and Phillip

  • VIC – Wendouree, Bendigo, Box Hill, Broadmeadows, Camberwell, Chadstone, Doncaster, Ringwood, Geelong, Melbourne

  • TAS – Hobart and Launceston

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