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Investing Health Insurance Savings: Eat Yourself Rich

October 24th, 2011 0 comments
Healthy food

What will you do when you save on health insurance?  After all, you should have picked up enough tips on this website to compare private  health insurance premiums and get a good deal on a policy.  When it is all said and done, perhaps you can make the most of the money you’ve saved – by investing it in your health.

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Healthy Food = Healthy You

“You are what you eat.”  You’ve likely heard this figure of speech.  And as you may have experienced, it can certainly be true.

Have you ever eaten primarily fast food over a prolonged period?  Or a night splurging on a bag of chips and can after can of soda?  No matter how it occurred, you probably remember what you felt like.  Unhealthy food isn’t the best – you can be brought down to the caliber of nutrition that your food offers.

In the previous article in this miniseries, we looked at the role of exercise in one’s health, and using health insurance savings to join a gym.  As that can be an investment in your health (and potentially in reucing your health-related costs), so too can food.  An apple a day might keep the doctor away, or so another food-related saying goes!

Invest in Your Health, Not the Food

Comparing private health insurance quotes can lead to immediate savings on your health insurance.  And as we are exploring in this series, there are ways that you can invest these savings to obtain further benefits.

Here’s the great news about food: you don’t have to actually invest your savings.  What we mean here is that, instead of paying $30 for a gym each month, you could invest in healthier foods.  By selecting better foods for yourself, you will be investing in your health; the savings will be translated into a healthier and happier you – and hopefully lower healthcare costs, too.

You can actually save money by eating healthier.  For example, an article at WebMD identifies 10 foods that cost less than $1.  A quick search finds many options that are less than 20 cents per serving, such as dried lentils, pearl barley, and baby carrots.  How does that compare to your local restaurant’s prices?  How about the nutrition label?

Search for “cheap” or “inexpensive” with “health” and “food(s)” online.  Take the initiative in finding inexpensive foods that can fill your kitchen, that you can enjoy and reap the health benefits of over time.  Your budget will appreciate you staying home for meals as well.


Starting to make healthy food choices will have more of an impact on healthcare costs in the long term than your actual health insurance.  Eating healthier will improve your mood and overall health, and will help others around you – your children will follow your example.

Once you get those health insurance savings, consider some of the options in this series.  Join a gym and start thinking about healthier foods – these two steps will start to improve your health directly, not just from the perspective of health insurance costs.  And if you really want to invest the actual money from the savings into food, take some cooking classes and learn how to cook these healthy foods – not all of us make them taste as good as they can be!

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