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How to find affordable health cover that you’ll actually use

Consumers who are willing to switch insurers can land a better deal on health cover

By now you’ve probably heard that health insurance premiums are scheduled to rise on April 1st. It’s news that has prompted many Australians to take a closer look at how often they use their cover and ask themselves the question—is it worth it?

While this is an important consideration, you should also be asking yourself how long it has been since you took a close look at your coverage. For many families, health cover is a set-it-and-forget-it purchase. The thought of sifting through hundreds of policies in an attempt to find the right one can be overwhelming, and it’s no surprise people often keep the same policy for years.

The trouble with this approach is that you may be paying for features that you no longer need, or never used at all. There’s an easy solution to the problem of finding affordable health cover that you’ll actually use, which is to compare policies with

Switching health insurers is no longer the hassle it once was, because the service’s quick online search engine shortcuts the process, saving you time. No more calling around to find out prices or scrutinizing complicated paperwork for loopholes, because your insurance consultant will do all of that for you over the phone at no cost.

Here’s How You Do It:

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Step 2: Once you select your preferred coverage options, you will have the opportunity to compare quotes from multiple health funds.

Customers who have made the switch have found that the process of saving money on health cover is a pleasant one, reporting that consultants were “very informed and found the best possible cover for me without losing the benefits I already had.”

It pays to review your health insurance, as one recent Health Insurance Comparison customer found that “so far they are covering more than what was covered on my previous company cover.”

Finding a better deal isn’t just about locking in a lower price. It’s about getting value for your premium. Each couple, family, and individual has unique healthcare needs, and health cover should reflect that.

Your consultant with will be able to help you identify which extras are important to you, and which type of coverage suits your lifestyle. Health insurance is a significant purchase for Australian families, and one that should make you feel good, not drained.

Spend a few minutes comparing policies and change the way you think about your health cover. When you pay for a policy that you truly benefit from, your health and your finances are in good hands.

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