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How to Compare Private Health Insurance for Your Family

Diana Bui March 24th, 2012 0 comments
Family health insurance

Undertaking a health insurance comparison for your family is necessary to get the best health cover for your needs.  You will need to optimise and balance your budget against the coverage you want for your family.  Follow along as we look at some crucial elements of a private health insurance comparison.

Your Family’s Health Insurance Needs

If you’ve read other articles on comparing health insurance, this may sound like a broken record.  However, it’s true: you need to analyse and determine your family’s health insurance needs.

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Take some time to figure out what approach suits your family best on some of the following points:

  • Health care cover levels
  • What doctors or specialists are within the health fund’s network
  • Extra insurance areas such as chiropractic, dental, vision, etc.
  • Excesses and out-of-pocket expenses

If you have a current private health insurance policy, this is a good chance to look at it and determine which areas need to be improved upon or updated.  If you don’t yet have private cover, you can look at some common policies and observe the coverage and price of these, and then decide which route you will take from there.

You should also take some time considering how you will compare health insurance quotes.  Health insurance comparison websites can be a big help, though you may also want to call a number of insurers to discuss policy points and added extras.  These steps can help you figure out what you need and how you will look at your options.

Health Insurance Comparison

For the most part, you have a good idea of your family’s health care needs and how this translates to your insurance requirements.  You are probably also aware of some of the options that you have in terms of policies.

The next steps involve a long and hard look at your options.  You may have identified some strong options that all have a similar premium, or you might have your decision made easier if it hinges on a specific feature that only some policies offer. There are no magic ways to compare health insurance options beyond this point; however, here a couple of elements you should make a point of checking:

  • The Whole Policy: Look through the entire policy.  From limitations to fine print and ambiguities you may want to clarify, this is your opportunity to make sure you know exactly what you get for your money.
  • Differences in Cover: What separates your top two options?  Once you figure it out and clearly identify the differences in the details of the coverage, you’ll be on much better ground to make a decision.

Do what it takes to get to the bottom of your situation.  Perhaps creating a list of pros and cons for each policy might be best.  You might want to think about any change that your new health insurance may necessitate.  Maybe the reputation of the insurer can be the deciding factor, if you are having problems making a decision based on other criteria.

Overall, comparing health insurance for your family can be made easier with a little organisation.  Take it step by step to understand your needs and private health insurance options.  Doing this systematically will help you to make the right decision.  If you really can’t choose, consider seeking the help of an insurance professional for further guidance.

Disclaimer: The above information is correct and current at the time of publication.

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