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Originally known as the Metropolitan Hospital Contributions Fund, HCF was set up in 1932 and is now the largest not-for-profit health fund in Australia. As well as health insurance, they also offer life, travel and pet insurance.


HCF have the Canstar accolade for top outstanding value in consecutive years from 2009 to 2013 and were also given the nod for the Best of the Best award from the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA).

  • HCF pride themselves on offering the best no-gap cover in Australia, as determined by the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman (PHIO) in 2012.
  • For hospital policies with an excess, this is waived for dependent children admissions. Only one excess will be applicable per person (per calendar year) across all relevant hospital policies.
  • Heart-related cover is included on all hospital policies except for Budget Hospital.
  • Members can take advantage of over 9,500 providers for extras services through the More for You programme.
  • Members can look after their health and wellbeing via the My Health Guardian online programme.
  • Members in certain areas can access out-of-hours GP services through My Home Doctor, which currently provides after-hours care in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Geelong and SE Queensland and is planned for other areas.
  • Members can access Victor Chang heart health checks at no cost in some HCF branches.

HCF offer hospital, extras and combined packages.

Hospital cover

They have two options for hospital cover – Budget Hospital and Top Hospital. Unsurprisingly, Budget Hospital is the most cost effective of the two and has lots of restrictions but it does include cancer related services such as chemotherapy and bowel surgery. Top Hospital is much broader and also includes cardiac procedures, dialysis, rehabilitation, assisted IVF services, pregnancy and birth related services, hip and knee joint replacements and cataract and lens related surgery.

Extras cover

For stand-alone Extras cover, Multicover is the only option available. This includes dental, optical, physio, chiro and osteo, occupational therapy, remedial massage and pharmacy.

Hospital and extras cover

Hospital and extras cover can be combined to provide a broad mix of protection. Members can choose from pre-packaged options or mix and match hospital and extras cover to suit their needs and budget. Options includes:

Budget Hospital and General Extras Plus (for cost effective hospital and extras cover)
Budget Hospital and Multicover Extras (a basic hospital and mid-level extras combination)
Young Singles and Couples (a basic hospital and extras combination)
Fit and Free (a good value package aimed at healthy singles and couples aged 45+)
Top Hospital and General Extras (broad hospital cover and basic extras)
Top Hospital and Multicover Extras (broad hospital cover and mid-level extras)
Top Hospital and Super Multicover Extras (broad hospital and extras cover)

For treatment in a participating private hospital, your bill will be sent to HCF on your behalf so there is no need to make a claim for this. This is also the case for non-participating hospitals and public hospitals.

Doctors and specialists providing treatment under the HCF Medicover agreement will also send bills directly to HCF. If members are billed instead, they need to complete a Medicare Two-Way form and take this to a HCF branch, along with a Medicare claim form and a HCF claim form.

Extras claims can be made on-the-spot at the provider using HICAPs, online, in person or by sending a claim form to HCF along with the relevant receipts. Claim forms can be picked up from a HCF branch, downloaded from the HCF website or by contacting HCF Self Service (who will then send one to members).

Members receive 10 per cent discounts on HCF travel and pet insurance.

HCF are based in Sydney. They also have 7 HCF Dental Centres and 7 Eyecare Centres in Sydney.

403 George St
NSW  2000

Phone: 13 13 34

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